How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

9 June; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

Article by Tutu Melley

Hair extensions are a popular method of changing your look frequently. They also give the illusion of having a luxurious, thick head of hair. People weave hair extensions to increase the length, volume, and body of their own hair. These extensions can be either natural or synthetic hair. When you pick extensions that match your hair color and texture, they merge in with your natural hair, thus making it difficult to say if you are wearing them.

Types of hair

Hair extensions come in many colors, textures, and lengths. Natural hair is more expensive, as it is procured from real people and the supply doesn’t always meet the demand. There are two kinds of natural hair usually used in hair extensions- Asian and European. Asian hair is less expensive because it is coarse and it is difficult to weave hair extensions from them. European hair is more expensive, as it is softer and finer.

Choosing a stylist

The first thing you need if you plan to weave hair extensions is a trained hair stylist- and they don’t come cheap. Don’t try to cut corners by going in for an inexperienced person. The wrong type of stylist or a poor job of attaching the hair can damage and break off your own hair. Your hair needs to be tested for strength to know how much pressure it can withstand.

Cost of different extensions

If you weave hair extensions, it can set you back by about £200-£1000 depending on what kind of hair extension you require. Virgin natural hair is the costliest as it is hair that has never been treated, colored, permed, or even blow dried. The length of the hair also determines the cost. Any piece longer than 18″ will be much costlier than shorter pieces.

Clip-ons are temporary hair extensions. These are the least expensive, and you can get a clip on kit for about £20-£30. These are easy to attach and can be done at home, thus saving the cost of getting it done in a salon.

In hot fusion or bonding, the extensions are hot glued to the hair. This is one of the most common methods and is also quite reasonable. You can get it done from for about £300-£500.

Cold fusion is far costlier than hot fusion. This is a new technology that promises to preserve the hair’s natural sheen, as heat can destroy the hair follicles. This treatment costs about £1500 to £3500.

In the weaving method, hair extension strands are weaved onto your natural hair. You can have it woven all over your head, or just in bits and parts. You need a trained hair stylist to do this, and it can cost about £1500.

If you want to weave hair extensions, you must keep these factors in mind. The kind of hair extension, the type of attachment, and professional help- all these criteria will determine the final cost. Moreover, you will be required to maintain the hairdo. Special shampoos and conditioners are available for this purpose and usually cost more than the normal hair products.

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