How I Gained $35 Aus Dollars on a Cloud 9 Hair Straightener

10 July; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How I Gained Aus Dollars on a Cloud 9 Hair Straightener

Article by Katy Beatty

My aged pair of straighteners I have had for over three or more years. They had started to appear a little scruffy so I made a decision to re-invest in a new pair. I when’t browsing on the internet browsing for some new hair styler’s and studied hair straightener reviews and basically was just seeking to find out the the best on the latest pairs on the market. I found lots of top ten straightener lists these named a range of manufacturers on the marketplace.

I started to question myself the question why hair straighteners are favored than ever and used by hundreds of thousands of consumers around the world. There are hundreds of hair straightener brands, sizes and types, which all offer the same feature of straightening hair. How do you get a decent deal on a new pair and get the best for my bucks. I settled on Cloud Nine Hair I saw a press posting in Sydney and also had them used on my hair in my nearby hair salon.

What amazed me about Cloud Nine Straighteners they are a unique blend of heritage and futurology. Cloud Nine know the styling iron current market. It amazed me, but the Cloud 9 team where at the beginning of the ghd sensation.

Cloud Nine hair straighteners, are not just the “same old, same old”, but are substantially ahead of present technologies. They have made Cloud 9 Hair Straighteners to be packed full of advanced technology. The Cloud 9 proposition is that since the early days of the 21st century, the needs of the normal hair straightener user have modified. No longer is the only requirement poker straight hair, made with intense, searingly hot hair straighteners. Nowadays, they contend, customers want much more. They want hair straighteners that offer them with independence. Their hair straighteners don’t hurt your hair. That’s one of the factors why they created Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners.

Then came my choice from the three Cloud Nine Straightener sizes

·Micro – Offered in a smaller plated model but more lately easily transportable or micro straighteners have become offered. If you have short hair you will typically go for a small if buying on the web. Some of the micro models perhaps be too small for your hair. Short hairideal for a micro I was told is generally 2/3 inches in length.

·Standard – Suitable for a lot of shoulder length hair and a longer. Standard can be used even with short hair. Hair straightener know-how has resulted in lighter more controllable models which can be used at lower temperatures and easily on short hair. A standard pair is a beneficial as it can be used for short and long hair overtime.

·Wide – Appropriate for lengthier length hair, the wider plates speed up the technique but some people find them harder to use, its really personal opinion. If you have always preferred long hair the wide is a good buy making straightening hair 50 percent the time of using a standard.

My local hair salon where selling an original styler size for 0 Australian Dollars for a pair of original stylers. I often order on the internet from the UK from big brand stores such as Marks and Spencer’s and John Lewis. I searched the word wide web and found a United Kingdom hair salon reseller for Cloud Nine.

I took the plunge at £149.95 adding delivery to Australia with a Free reward at £10.95 the payment automatically modified the currency at source. I saved around to dollars. The downside was the deliveries that seem to vary some of my pals have ordered with the offer arriving in 7 days mine was 10 days. The positive side was I made the dollars and got an authentic pair of Cloud Nines at the fraction of the selling price of my local hair salon. The reason for the delivery took more time was the firm keeps down cost by sending standard Air. The original pair came in a presentation box all manuals and all I did was unscrew the plug to make it twin pin and hey presto I was hair straightening.

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From the Founders Of Ghd Cloud Nine Straighteners giving shipping to Australia and New Zealand. Also a brand new idea the o rollers

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