How Can you Make Wigs Look Good?

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How Can you Make Wigs Look Good?

Both synthetic and human hair Jon Renau wigs are known for looking good and natural. There are a large range of wigs on the market, and the first thing you need to know when buying a wig is how much you are willing to spend. Although human hair wigs are more expensive, you donâ??t always have to spend a fortune to buy one. Just look for a wigs sale, and be patient enough until you find your perfect wig. Changing oneâ??s looks has never been easier!

The synthetic wigs you see with curls, spirals, straight, wispy are all made the same way. These various hair textures are chemically set into the hair fiber during the manufacturing process. If you purchase a curly wig, then it will always remain curly (even when washed). Same thing goes for the straight, wavy or wispy ones. Although they look great, as is, and are ready to use out of box, styling synthetic wigs can be limited. You can not make a straight wig curly or vise versa – you would need to purchase one of each.

The only option you have is this: if you have a straight wig, wash it, place some rollers in it as it is drying and let it dry this way. It will give you bounce and a slight wave. The first thing you need is to purchase a wig brush from any hair store. Once you brush it out, use wig spray gel to hold the texture in place. Instead of spending the time and effort to style synthetic wigs, you may consider buying another one in the texture you like due to their lower costs.

Another way to change the look of your wig is to wear it in a loose ponytail, half up / half down, with some clips in it. Using the wig with headbands or pigtails is another possibility. Whatever you try, have fun with your new hair. Hereâ??s another tip: when you search the wigs sale section at your favorite wig store, look at the way the wigs are styled. You should keep in mind that with wigs, you are never confined to one look or style. For example, if one day you are in the mood for curls, just wear a curly wig.

The following hints are very helpful in maintaining your synthetic wig for a long time, whether it be a Jon Renau wig or another brand. Whatever you do, never put heat to the wig, as it will destroy the fibers and burn them together. When you wash the wig, always do it in cold or cool water; hot or warm water may also damage the fibers. Be careful when you untangle your wig! Always use a wide tooth comb and begin from the bottom of the wig, working your way slowly and gently upwards and towards the base. Also, only use hair cleaning and styling products especially designed for wigs. When you buy brand name like Jon Renau wigs, they usually come with care instructions which should be closely followed.

Some people who use wigs for the first time complain that their wigs are too thick or do not fit their face shape. The best thing to do in this case is to take the wig to a salon that specializes in wig care and let a professional hairstylist customize it. They can also thin out the fake looking areas and trim it down to look exactly the way you want.

Before purchasing a wig from an online wig store, check thewigs sale section to look for the cheapest prices. Whether you are shopping for Jon Renau wigs or a less expensive brand, also do you research thoroughly before your purchase.

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