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23 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair-Extensions-Australia has all your hair extensions needs in an easy to use convenient website.  We carry a full range of products including Human Hair Wefts, Human Hair Clip in Extensions, Fusion tip Hair Extensions and Clip in Highlight pieces.  We also carry all the products you need to attach your hair extensions, such as toupee clips, weaving thread and needles, micro links and Liquid Gold Bonding Glue.


With Hair Extensions becoming a great way to add volume and length to your own hair it is important to be aware of all of the methods that can be used to attach your Hair Extensions.  Hair Extensions Australia recommends that you consult your hair care professional or contact us to discuss which method would suit your needs better.


Clip in hair extensions are the easiest product to use as they come with pre attached clips so that the hair extensions can simply be clipped into your own hair at the appropriate position.

Weft extensions on the other hand do take a little more effort to attach, however they do have the advantage of allowing you to cut the weft into custom sizes specifically for your particular needs.  Weft extensions can be applied by your hairdresser or by yourself, depending on your available time and budget.  The most common way of applying weft extensions is with a bonding glue such as the liquid gold bonding glue that we stock at Hair Extensions Australia.  Other methods of applying weft extensions are to sew them into a cornrow braid of your own hair or simply to cut the weft into suitable sizes and attach toupee clips to make your own clip in hair extensions.  The Micro Link method of applying weft hair extensions is becoming more popular as it makes reapplication or adjustment of them when your hair grows much simpler, faster and easier.


So if you are looking for a hair extension solution then can provide the solution with a great range of product, fantastic prices and fast delivery to your door, all done in the convenience of your own home.






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