Have You Considered The Benefits Of Hair Extensions?

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Have You Considered The Benefits Of Hair Extensions?

Getting hair extensions can quickly change your look and your life. If you’ve always wanted long, thick hair then hair extensions could be the answer to all your bad hair day problems. Long hair can give you instant confidence and make you feel more feminine but it can also be a pain to wait for your natural hair to grow to a good length. This is where hair extensions can help!

Hair extensions not only add length but they can also add volume and colour. If you are tired and frustrated waiting for your own hair to grow then hair extensions can add up to 20″ in just a matter of hours! Even if you’ve only got a few inches of hair to work with you can still have extensions fitted, it’s just a matter of using the right method to suit your situation. For example, weft extensions would not be suitable for someone looking to add length to a very short hair style; instead bonded single piece extensions would be more useful.

You can also add colour to your style without any damage to your hair. You can simply add coloured extensions for a funky look and just remove them when you’re bored with the look!

If your hair is in bad condition then it is up to your stylist to determine whether your hair is strong enough to take the extra weight of the extensions. If your hair is thinning or extremely brittle then the stylist might advise against going ahead but if you only have a few split ends then you should be fine, but always check with the professionals.

In fact if you do have a few split ends then hair extensions are a great way to cover up any damage and give your hair a chance to recover from any damage caused by heat styling. The extensions will cover any damaged ends and leave you with beautifully shiny and healthy hair.

As mentioned before, getting hair extensions is a great way of giving your hair a break from direct heat from styling as you will be styling the extensions and to your own hair. This is the perfect opportunity for your own hair to grow and many people find that when the extensions are removed their hair is actually in better condition than before; it will more than likely have grown a bit too!

Volume is a sign of healthy hair and if your hair is lacking in the volume stakes then why not give it a helping hand by adding extensions to give extra body! Hair can be quite difficult to style if it is lacking in volume so pump up the volume with hair extensions.

Hair extensions also open up the door to a whole new range of styling possibilities. You can wear your new hair up, down and in a variety of different styles. Change your look as much as you like with your new hair, it would be rude not to!

The great thing about hair extensions is that they aren’t permanent. Unlike colours and cuts that can all go wrong, if you don’t like the way your extensions look or you fancy a change you can simply have them removed or changed. And, fitted correctly and looked after well, hair extensions should never damage your own hair. Just make sure you go to a reputable salon to have them fitted and follow all the aftercare advice provided.

Let’s face it, when your hair looks good you feel good! With hair extensions you will want to show your new do off at any opportunity and the compliments will not stop flooding in!

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