Hair Weaving

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Weaving

Article by Peter Sanford

Hair weaving is technique of giving new life to extremely thin hair. Hair is the most beautiful part if human body and to have good hair a lot of factors are counted on. Few people who have less amount of hate in their destiny suffer from problems of scanty hair. Hair weaving is a technique which addresses the plight of such people.

Hair weaving involves techniques like Bonding; Tracking; Fusion and netting. Bonding is used to add volume to thin hair by gluing hair to roots. Tracking is a method of braiding hair and then evenly cutting it. The fusion method is a versatile technique, although it is time consuming and expensive. Netting involves braiding breathable nets on hair. This method includes tree braiding and lace extensions.

Any type of weaving technique can be used to reincarnate scanty hair. Since hair weaving is a very delicate issue as it involves use of chemicals and hair from elsewhere care must be taken while deciding on hair transplant. For instance care must be taken to choose the kind of hair and human hair should always be given preference over synthetic hair.

Hair also needs to be applied wisely; it can either be applied strand by strand or by grouping; by hand or by machine. Since an adhesive is used to glue hair to original strands, allergy test must be done to check for any irritations. It should however be kept in mind that maintaining weaved hair is more cumbersome than natural hair.

Proper hair hygiene is most essential; shampooing and conditioning is very important as unclean hair will make weaved strands brittle. Important nutrients also need to be replenished to these strands as they don’t get this nutrition naturally from the scalp. Hair leaving is a long and tiring process and care must be taken while blow drying hair as there are chances of extensions getting burnt. It is also advisable to remove weaves after eight weeks as these needs to replace with another set and also a checking of natural hair is required.

If the natural hair is damaged, new weaves must not be transplanted immediately; the hair must be left on its own for few weeks to replenish. There is a significant difference between hair weaving and hair transplant. Hair weaving means hair woven into scalp with natural hair; while hair transplant implies removing old, inactive hair follicles and replacing them with new ones. Hair transplant is a natural way of getting hair back on bald areas, whereas weaving is a superficial method. Even though transplant is much better option, the growth of new hair again depends on a number of other factors; thus the implied success of hair weaving is obvious.

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