Hair Replacement

5 April; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Replacement

Hair loss has always been a concern for men and women around the world. Baldness always share mixed emotions in public. Some may find it to be affluent and others find it to be aberrant. This is where hair replacement plays a vital role. As a modern scientific method, hair replacement aims at promoting natural hair growth in the balding areas of one’s head. Being a scientific process the results yielded are known to be good without any harmful effects.

A very common case of hair loss is male hormones called androgens. Susceptible hair follicles succumb to the androgens which results in early baldness. Anagen Effluvium is another major reason for hair loss. This mostly occurs when hair comes in contact with high concentration of radiation. Hair Replacement which involves ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’ is considered to be a good remedy in such cases. This method is performed by highly skilled surgeons and the final results are satisfactory. Considered to be one of the most efficient modes of replacing hair, the FUE hair transplant has made immense advancements.

It is a well proven fact that effects of radiation on hair are irreversible. With advancements in transplant technologies, hair loss can cause no worries any more. Many people today undergo stress and strain due to which hair loss is imminent. This is known as Telogen Effluvium. Hair loss in this case is immense but effective hair treatment techniques have made it possible to retain hair. Not only that but re growth of dead hair cells is now achievable. Latest hair replacement methods have increased the probability of hair re-growth. Scientific technologies have made it possible to create undetectable natural looking hair.

Many skin related diseases can cause immense hair loss for both body and head. Scarring Alopecia is one of these phenomenon’s which increase the chances of hair loss. Skin trauma can also be a major cause for hair loss. Today’s Hair Replacement therapies involve various drugs to fight and overcome hair fall.

Some causes of hair loss are independent to men and women. In women more often than men, the non pattern baldness can be noticed. Compulsive hair pulling is a psychological effect to either post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or emotional reasons. Medications along with a hair replacement therapy are often the perfect remedy to this problem. Apart from scalp hair, eyebrow hair for both men and women can now also be regenerated perfectly.

Eyebrow reconstruction as it is termed can be very fruitful for both men and women. Hair grafts are prepared under the microscope and then inserted into the eye brows using a 23 gauge hypodermic needle. This type of Hair Replacement is considered safe and produces artistic results.

Harley Street Hair Clinic offers hair replacement services, micro-surgery and laser therapy. Skilled and experienced doctors place hairs a natural orientation. The clinic offers potential clients a free online consultation which is given by trained medical professionals.

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