Hair Replacement: Tips For Caring Wigs

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Replacement: Tips For Caring Wigs

Article by Cherry Bonachita

Wigs are important accessories in hair fashion as much as it is important hair replacement to hair loss sufferers. No matter what type of hair you have, there is always a wig that can complement your fashionable couture and set it off nicely. Wigs are worn for several reasons – cosmetic, recuperative, hair loss solution, professional or plain fun. However, remember having a wig is not enough. You should know first class wig care tips.

Wigs are available in different materials. Synthetic wigs are cheaper and made from artificial fibers. Human hair wigs are more expensive but give themselves to natural styling and handling. Monofilament wigs are the best fit for any head size and are the most convenient to wear. Wig care tips would be slightly different for each type but the basics like proper fit, cleanliness and storage are essentially the same.

Here is a quick checklist of how you can care best for your wigs:

* Always keep your wigs on a wig stand or mannequin. This is important to retain the shape of the wig.

* Thoroughly brush your wig before and after you use it every time. Use an exclusive, wide-toothed brush specifically for the wig. Do not use the same brush for anything else.

* Use gentle strokes and never pull away harshly if the wig is tangled. Run your fingers through to remove the knots.

* Wash the wigs regularly between uses. Use shampoos made for synthetic wigs and do not use incompatible shampoos as these damage the fibers.

* Let the wigs dry on a wig stand. Never use dryers or hot rollers on synthetic wigs.

* Use a Silicon spray as it prevents the synthetic wig from drying out or fading.

For any type of wig, especially woman wigs, it is better to get the cleaning done by professional hands mostly found in hair replacement salons. Never cut or style the wig on your own. You should take it to the wig repair specialist who would do it according to your specifications.

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