Hair removal Treatment

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair removal Treatment

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Men and women both have unwanted hair and want to remove them permanently. For this there is one most effective treatment, Laser hair removal treatment.Permanent hair removal laser method uses beams of highly concentrated light which penetrate the hair follicles and destroys the hair. Hundreds of hair follicles can be treated at a time. However, only hairs in the growth stage are neutralized during each session making repeat visits necessary until most of the hair has been caught. Later developments in laser hair removal devices means this method can be used on a variety of skin and hair types, not just dark hair on light skin.There are other methods in market. These are as followsElectrolysis Laser Hair Removal Waxing or Sugaring Depilatories Hair Growth Inhibitors Tweezing Electrolysis: This is the true method to remove unwanted hair. In this method each hair follicle is treated with an electric current which destroys the follicle’s ability to form new hair. This is very effective method. But this method takes enough time to remove hair permanently.Laser Hair Removal: This method is also used for permanent hair removing. But there may be regrowth of hair. In this method pulsed light is used to focus many hair follicles at a time that’s why it is less costly as compare to electrolysis and also less costlyWaxing or Sugaring This method of unwanted facial hair removal is extremely popular as it is quite inexpensive and easy to do at home. Numerous waxing or sugaring kits are available on the market. Waxing is not so effective, it is not using permanent hair removal but it can be done by any one that’s why it is one of the most famous practices in all available techniques. But it has been done at time to time with in 3 to 6 weeks depending on the individual and rate of hair growth.Depilatories It is also easily available product in market and it can also to do at home. A depilatory is a lotion or cream that is chemical based and used to dissolve hair at the skin’s surface. There are several formulations on the market to target fine and coarse hair. Hair Growth Inhibitors Hair inhibitors are also easily available in market now a day but these are not effective for all. Generally they are using to reduce the rate of growth of hair. This is not permanent treatment for hair removal but it may help for those people who do not want to use permanent hair removal treatments. It may reduce the growth of the hair and may increase the time to use temporary hair removal treatment.Tweezing This is also a painful method for hair removal. In this method hair are remove by tweezing. This process should be used after taking bath because after bathing our skin become more smooth and it will be easy to remove hair from skin but by this process the skin get swelling so you should use ice at that place to reduce pain and swelling. This method is also not permanent hair removing method.There are only two methods to remove hair permanently these are laser hair removal and electrolysis hair removal method. So these methods can be adopted by consulting any good dermatologist.


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