Hair Removal Treatment

6 May; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Removal Treatment

Article by M. Conan

Nowadays everybody including men and women are quite beauty conscious and people want to look young and well groomed. Unwanted hair can cause frustration and embarrassment. People want to look smart and elegant by getting rid of unwanted body hair. There are many secrets available for younger looking skin. One of these secrets is hair removal treatment, which involves removal of unnecessary hair from private parts of the body like armpits, face, eyebrows, legs, hand and vaginal areas. Hair removal has gained wide acceptance among the masses.

There is a growing trend among the youngsters to use hair removing creams and lotions that are readily available in the market. Hair removal treatment consists of various types like temporary, permanent, hair growth inhibitors, experimental and doubtful methods.

Temporary hair removal treatments involve using depilatories for removing the hair. Depilatories are chemicals used to remove the hair from the skin. This may cause burning or irritation for certain people whose skin is very sensitive. This method involves applying the depilatory cream or lotion in the affected areas, leaving them for 8 to 10 minutes and wiping the area along with the hair with a soft muslin cloth. But in this case the growth occurs very fast. There are good branded ones available in the market.

Alternate method is to remove the hair from the root. Some of the common hair removal treatments are plucking where hair is plucked from the root with the help of tweezers/epilators. This is a bit painful. Waxing which involves hot or cold wax. A thin layer of wax is applied to the hair and these are removed with the help of cotton strips, which are pulled in the opposite direction. Threading- involves removing unwanted hair with the help of threads. This is used for removing unwanted thick hair in the eyebrows to give proper shape and also for removing unwanted facial hair.

Permanent hair removal treatment involves getting rid of unwanted hair forever. This includes removal of hair using combination of chemicals and different types of energy to reduce the hair growth in the required areas. Some of the popular methods are Laser hair removal, Electrolysis and Flash light therapy.

Laser hair removal treatment involves the removal of hair from the follicles using laser without causing any harm to the skin. This is done by a qualified specialist. This is ideal for removing unwanted hair from back and legs. This quite painful and expensive but give good results in the long run. This involves using intense pulsed light epilators. These are not actual lasers but xenon flash lamps that emit full spectrum light. This procedure is becoming widely accepted nowadays in the world of dermatology. This is also done in the lips, chin, shoulders and bikini area. In just a few sittings the laser technology promises all the desires of those who want young looking skin.

Electrolysis is another hair removal treatment, which involves removing unwanted hair with the help of a fine needle, which is inserted into the hair follicle. Then current is passed and the hair is burnt form inside the roots. This offers a permanent freedom from hair but the process may be quite tedious and it may take long time. This targets individual strand of hair.

Hair Growth inhibitors involve oral medicines and facial application for the retardation in hair growth. The oral pills have to be eaten till the hair growth completely stops. An enzyme called Epiladerm Complex is used.

Experimental treatments are generally forbidden and not recommended for use because these are extremely harmful for health. These cause blemishes in the skin and may prove fatal at times. Some of the common methods are X ray, photodynamic therapy that were earlier used to treat cancer. The primary components include photo sensitizers, light and tissue oxygen.

Doubtful treatments are those that are in use but do not guarantee effectiveness. Some methods are Electric tweezers, photo epilators, microwaves, dietary supplements etc.

Today the latest advancement in hair removal technology provides all the comforts and essentials that have opened the gates to a new world that can do away with excess hair.

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