Hair Removal Options – 5 Methods to Consider

7 November; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Removal Options – 5 Methods to Consider

Article by Jenifer Reid

For men, there are numerous hair removal options available and you may not have realized it. Whether you just want to groom a bit better or you want to reduce an excessive hair problem, men can look and feel great when they use the right hair removal procedure.Take into consideration the following options. Determine which one may help you to solve your unwanted hair concerns.

#1: Laser Hair Removal

This method can become a permanent solution for hair removal. It is more expensive than other methods because it is done within the confines of a skin technician’s office. It may require several treatments.

The technician uses a high-powered laser to damage the follicle that produces hair. Once damaged, the follicle no longer produces hair. Over time you have a permanent solution. It can be effective in most areas of the body. You can thin out hair using this method or remove it all.

#2: Shaving

You have done it many times, but it is a hassle. For some men, subtle is back the next day. Shaving is the least expensive option initially, but when you add up the time and material costs over a year or more, it is expensive. Shaving is a fast solution, though.

#3: Hair Removal Creams

Another of the hair removal options for men is the use of hair removal creams. These creams destroy the hair itself and thus create a clean, smooth skin surface. Some products work better than others do, but some people may not have good results with these products.

They are far less expensive than laser treatments, but this method does not last either. You may see less hair over a two-week period, which makes it a better option than shaving.

#4: Waxing

Perhaps the most painful of all options, waxing provides a middle road in terms of costs. It, too, lasts up to a few weeks, and is not a permanent solution to hair growth. This procedure will remove all or most of the hair in an area.

Use it for large areas you need to remove hair from, such as your back. It does cause a significant amount of initial pain that lasts seconds, just like getting your hair pulled.

#5: Electrolysis

The only FDA recognized method of permanent hair loss is electrolysis. In this method, a technician runs a device containing a very thin needle over the skin. The needle enters the hair and electrifies, killing the cells that grow hair.

The process does take time to remove hair completely, but once done, the hair is unable to grow again. Electrolysis can be more expensive because you need a technician to perform it.

In any of these circumstances, men can lose hair. Hair removal options can range widely based on budget and desired outcome. If you think laser hair removal, for example, is too expensive, do consider the long-term costs associated with waxing or shaving.

It becomes far more affordable then. In many cases, these procedures can produce the lasting results you want and need to create smooth skin.

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