Hair Loss Symptoms

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Loss Symptoms

Article by Tashi Williams

Hair loss seems to be an abstract for most people. They believe that the feeling of lost self-confidence associated with hair loss will continue to escape them. In the end, realizing that hair loss can happen to anyone is a new revelation that can shock anyone thinking otherwise. More importantly, people can just live their lives normally while they don’t realize that baldness hit them already. Knowing the different hair loss symptoms will guide you to apply different hair loss remedies and help you adjust to a new and better you.

Importance Of Knowing Hair Loss Symptoms

Understanding the different hair loss symptoms will allow you to expect what seems an inevitable predicament. Knowing the onset of hair loss through different hair loss symptoms will put you in the driver’s seat in correcting the situation. Catching hair loss symptoms is just as crucial as treating it.

The most obvious hair loss symptom is receding hairline, thinning hair, and hoarse-shaped pattern. While this symptom literally shouts at you, some people don’t catch it until it turns worse. It is important to observe yourself for any changes in your hair structure. For women, balding comes from the crown rather than the hairline. The main hair loss symptom for children is sudden losing of patches of hair from anywhere in the head. Sudden hair loss is also characterized by hair shedding in which patches of hair just fall away. Other hair loss symptoms are dry hair, brittle hair, heavy head and body hair or hairiness, presence of dandruff, and greying of hair.

There are also secondary hair loss symptoms in which these symptoms are described as conditions that manifest a disease that can cause hair loss. In order to catch this wide array of hair loss symptoms, one must be prepared to determine the causes of hair loss. Hair loss symptoms can be associated with different conditions to point to more serious health complications. The more common hair loss combination symptoms are dizziness, leg weakness, impotence, neck swelling, stroke symptoms, arm rash, and raised cholesterol. Understanding hair loss symptoms will arm you with the knowledge of different diseases related to baldness.

What Is Not a Hair Loss Symptom?

While the different hair loss symptoms are rather obvious, there are different conditions that may be taken wrongly. This misunderstanding is the result of the different hair loss misconceptions today. As an example, a significant number of hair strands when bathing is not a hair loss symptom. Instead this is a normal cycle of hair falling out.

Another misconstrued hair loss symptom or hair loss cause is excessive stress. While this is true in rare cases, the general consensus finds no link between the usual stress and hair loss. However, hair loss can contribute to stress due to decreased self-confidence and self esteem.

Finally, hair loss symptoms crop out due to different practices that contribute to hair loss. However, there is a degree of inevitability in hair loss due to genetic reasons. The best way to be prepared to face hair loss symptoms is to look for the different signs and causes of hair loss before your hair starts falling away. As they say, you don’t notice what you see, but if you look for it, you will definitely find it.

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