Hair Loss Medication or Hair Loss Treatment

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Loss Medication or Hair Loss Treatment

There are two main courses of action open to anyone who suffers from hair loss and wishes to do something about it. Broadly speaking: hair loss medication, or hair loss treatment. Medication, as the name implies, seeks to halt, redress or even completely reverse hair loss through the application and (usually) long term use of unguents, creams and other preparations. Hair loss treatment seeks to replace lost hair with donor hair from other parts of the scalp.

These days, hair replacement is actually a pretty good bet. It involves removing individual follicles and implanting them in the receipt area: the follicles take root and then fall out, leaving the root behind. That root grows as a natural hair. On the other hand, hair loss medication seeks to offer an alternative to mild cases of hair thinning and loss.

There are three basic classes of hair medication that can be considered. Two are man made, to a greater or lesser degree – they both contain artificially synthesised compounds that inhibit the production of DHT – a testosterone related hormone that causes progressive baldness. Both of these men made varieties of hair loss medication have experienced a pretty satisfactory degree of achievement in patients experiencing thinning of the hair. The compounds they contain (in one case, a compound called finasteride) slow down the production of DHT, which can dramatically reduce or even stop the thinning. In some cases, uses of these compounds (usually presented as a cream or medicated shampoo) have even shown re-growth of hair after the DHT production has been halted.

The third and less “artificial” form of hair loss medication is simple diet. Vitamins, minerals and so on. These play a major role in maintaining the health and strength of hair as researches have proved that often malnutrition can be a cause for hair loss.

So – hair loss medication or hair loss treatment? The choice, really, is entirely formed according to the severity of the hair loss and the magnitude of the patient’s desire to reverse it. A woman. For example, experiencing the rare but existing female equivalent of male pattern baldness, might well be best suited opting for proper operative hair replacement – because baldness in women tends to occasion more severe distress. A man experiencing receding hair and thinning of the hair might want to try the medication route before he opts for surgery – which is more expensive and painful.

Ultimately, the answer is personal. Explore the avenues that a doctor advises – including hair loss medication, which works a lot better now than it ever has done before.

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