Hair Loss Medication A New Ray of Hope for Hair Loss Treatment

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Loss Medication A New Ray of Hope for Hair Loss Treatment

Modern hair loss medication really works. That is the message being put out by top level hair clinics like the Harley Street Hair Clinic – which, as Britain’s most respected institution for hair loss research and treatment, packs a pretty hefty weight behind its opinions. The general consensus is this: modern research into the causes of hair loss has led to enough of an understanding of the underlying structures of balding ailments that medications designed to treat them really do work.

The most common cause of hair loss is an over production of a male androgen called DHT. DHT is basically a mutant product of testosterone – and it is the inhibition of DHT that is the goal of a lot of modern hair loss medication.

DHT stands for Dihydrotestosterone, a substance that cause the natural life cycles of hair follicles to collapse. Once a human scalp starts an over production of DHT, its hairs fall out without re-growth – and so baldness starts to appear on the head. Modern hair medication acts directly on the production of DHT in an attempt to halt, slow or even reverse the balding process. By suppressing the production of DHT, the hair loss medicine allows the natural life cycle of the hair time to regroup and restart. In the best case scenarios, modern hair loss medication has actually reclaimed balding areas by kicking the scalp’s production of follicles back into high gear. In most scenarios, the balding process is halted though not necessarily reversed.

In order to understand how the medicine does this you first need to know a little bit about the mechanics of hair growth and hair life cycles. The natural life cycle of hair can be anything from a few weeks to six months – the time scales differ from person to person, though the stages are the same. First a follicle grows from a root. It achieves maximum length after a certain amount of time. Then it falls out – but the root remains. A new hair grows out from the root. And so the cycle is complete.

Modern hair loss medication allows that cycle to stabilise again after the excess production of DHT has knocked it off balance. Usually, a scalp that has been inhibited from producing DHT will allow extra protein layers to form around the unused roots of fallen out hairs. After a while, those proteins build up enough to “feed” the root again – and a new hair grows. This is of course the best case scenario: in other cases, where both hair and root have gone, the hair loss medicine simply stops any more hair from going the same way. Here, too, though, extra protein is found on the remaining hairs, which strengthens them enough that they can recommence their normal life cycle.

Modern hair loss medication, then, is a real ray of hope for anyone suffering from pattern baldness. Surgery is no longer the only answer to the problem of hair loss: these days, the right thing could just as easily be in a bottle.

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