Hair Loss : Busting the Myths

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Loss : Busting the Myths

Hair loss in men is as old as time itself it would seem. DNA experts have recently found that male pattern hair loss is not uniquely a modern problem. The findings are the result of a number of scientific tests performed on a 4,000 year old caveman. The results of the findings lend more weight to the idea that male pattern baldness is not a modern condition that has come about as a result of stress and diet but rather has a genetic base. Despite all the research and discoveries in the field of hair loss, a number of myths continue to be passed on from one generation to the next. Here we look at some of the more popular ones.

1. Hair loss is inherited from your mother’s side

While hair loss has been show to have a genetic basis it is not only restricted to genes passed on from your mother’s side of the family. Both parents are equally as likely to pass on genetic information that may have an influence on their children experiencing hair loss later in life. Pattern baldness can be inherited from the mother’s side. But it can also be inherited from the father’s side.

2. Frequent ejaculation promotes hair loss

As much an urban myth as any other you are likely to hear, this one still gives many a teenage boy pause for thought. However you can all relax boys as there is no scientific evidence to show that frequent ejaculation results in hair loss.

3. Washing your head in cold water can cure baldness

The idea here seems to be one of increasing blood circulation beneath the scalp. While washing your head in cold water does indeed produce an increase in blood flow it is important to remember that an increase in blood flow has no effect on reducing or curing hair loss.

4. Losing a little hair each day means I’m starting to go bald

It is natural for all of us to lose a little hair each day ( approximately 20-50 according to latest research ). These hairs normally grow back. If you find your self loosing more than this amount it might be a an early sign of hair loss.

5. It is normal to lose more hair from early 30’s onwards.

True. As we age our hair becomes finer, weaker and sparser. It is generally accepted that most men will begin to see an increase in hair loss from their early to mid 30’s.

6. Hair products cause hair loss.

False. Hair products have not be shown to have a direct link on hair loss. Shampoos, gels, creams etc are safe to use on a regular basis without fear of promoting hair loss.

7, Standing on your hair can cure baldness.

I’m not sure where this one originated from. I suspect that like washing your head in cold water it is supposed to increase blood flow and therefore slow down hair loss. Once again, remember blood flow itself is not a cure for hair loss. My friend actually suggested standing on your hair might actually increase hair loss as it works with gravity to increase the tension on the follicles ! He was talking in jest of course.

8. Wearing hats all the time increases hair loss

Some people believe the increase in tension on the scalp that a hat creates might be a reason for hair loss. If you just can’t step out of the house without your favorite baseball cap, hunting cap, top hat, whatever, be not alarmed ! Wearing hats does nothing to increases hair loss or cause baldness.

9. Massaging your scalp can prevent hair loss.

It’s the old blood flow theory 101 at work again here. Once again, there is no scientific evidence that suggests massaging one’s scalp with reduce or stop hair loss. By all means massage away as it feels awesome but don’t expect any miracle overnight regrowth.

10.A bad diet causes hair loss

While it is obviously important to eat a health, balanced diet to provide ultimate conditioning for your body’s various systems, there is no evidence that particular foods increase or reduce hair loss.

11. Stress is an important factor in hair loss

True. This one has been shown again and again through countless studies and scientific research to be a factor in hair loss. Stress can cause a short term decrease in hair production but is not directly related to male pattern baldness. If you are experiencing hair loss and have no hair loss within your family tree , you might see some benefit from trying to reduce stressful situation in your daily life if and when possible.

12. Hormone issues can result in hair loss

This one is still undergoing a fair amount of research and is currently hotly debated on the internet. Certainly thyroid issues have shown in the past to cause some amount of hair loss. It is also worth noting that some women may experience a degree of temporary hair loss after giving birth.


Steroid usage causes hair loss

For all you gym junkies out their with your steroid fueled arms as big as a truck – ever wondered why you suddenly went bald ? Steroids have been shown to have a direct cause of hair loss in users. Research has shown that an increase in levels of male hormones such as those contained in popular sport enhancing drugs can induce baldness.

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