Hair Loss and the Modern Methods of Dealing With It

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Loss and the Modern Methods of Dealing With It

Hair loss is a common problem nowadays. Fortunately for the modern sufferer, though, there are pretty much as many forms of cure as there are types or causes of baldness problem in the first place. You will find that there is a cure for nearly every kind of balding situation – even when the lost hair is caused by a factor other than the norm – likes, perhaps, a lack of vitamins or some kind of severe physical shock. In nearly every case, hair loss can be treated and treated successfully.


Modern hair treatment has come a very long way in a relatively short space of time. These days you will find that most forms of hair treatment are inexpensive and, most importantly, successful – unlike treatments from even 10 or 15 years ago, which were as much a palliative as a really successful cure. These days hair replacement therapy is capable of finding individual donor hairs for a person suffering from pattern baldness – each hair chosen for its natural direction of growth. The hair is implanted to a baldness site, whereupon it takes root and grows in its normal direction. Because it has been chosen as a hair that grows in the direction that the hair to be replaced would have grown in, the cover of new hair looks utterly natural.


All forms of modern hair loss treatment have this in common. They work way better than their comparable techniques of even a very few years ago. The technique referred to above, which is known as FT or Follicular Transfer, is so much more successful than its own predecessor, the “strip farming” model of grafting pieces of skin with hair growing in it to baldness sites, that it has caused the whole process of hair replacement surgery to be downgraded in medical severity. The old strip farming method of dealing with hair loss on a large scale was an immensely painful and quite dangerous operation, classed by the surgeons as “invasive surgery”. Modern hair replacement surgery, as epitomised by FT, is classed as a minor procedure. The modern version of hair replacement surgery causes very little pain (merely some swelling for a couple of days after the operation) and carries very little risk of infection or post operative complications.


Similarly, modern hair loss medication has shown a remarkable degree of early success. Since hair treatment experts have become aware that there are several different causes of hair loss in both male and female patients, it has been easier to design medicines that can reverse the effects of the condition. The most popular medications come in the form of DHT blockers – that is to say, preparations that prevent the scalp from mutating testosterone into dihydroteststerone (DHT), an antigen that, in too much quantity, causes hair life cycles to interrupt or even stop for good.

Sufferers from hair loss, today, have a wealth of truly viable options to explore – one of which is bound to work for them. Great news for the large percentage of British people worried about their hair.

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