Hair loss, a disease that can not be overlooked

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair loss, a disease that can not be overlooked

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Hair loss, now is slowly approaching the modern people, gradually threat people’s health, force us to have to think about the factors. In order to solve the problem of losing hair, it is necessary to understand the characteristic of hair loss.

Observation carefully around you, you will find there are some people have symptom of hair loss, and hair loss trends to younger age. There exist two kinds of hair loss if analysis at the aspect of hair follicle, they are permanent hair loss and temporary hair loss, both hair loss are caused by hair follicle damaged, just lasting period different. Permanent hair loss usually occur to man. Some countries in European area, over 40% of men have bald. England has accounted for 31%, France over 39%, Italy and German is lower than 30%, just 28% and 21%.

Permanent hair loss forms slowly. The major factors include genetic factor; male hormone deficiency or imbalance in blood circulation; obesity. In addition, a variety of skin diseases or skin injury scars, natural hair dysplasia, and chemical or physical cause serious damage to the hair follicles also can cause permanent hair loss.

Temporary hair loss usually is caused by high fever diseases. At the same time, physical factor such as X-ray, intake some chemical substances (such as tin, thallium and arsenic) or take drugs blind, malnutrition, some skin disease with inflammatory, chronic disease, and endocrine disorders have an effect on temporary hair.

It is common phenomenon of hair loss for female. Female has the symptom of genetic hair loss, as result that it is shorten the hair follicle growth phase because of genetic, so it appears the trend of hair loss in advance.

In recent year, the phenomenon of hair loss has been become more serious with young female because of excessive weight loss and diet. The experts point out, excessive weight loss has an effect on hair. Keratinocytes as the hair main component, contains protein, iron and other materials. Lots of women prefer to eat fruits and vegetables to lose weight, few of food supplement can not meet the nutrition demand of body, lead to deficiency adequate necessary protein, iron and other nutrients, those affect hair follicle and cause hair loss.

Most professional female need to undertake the family stress, in addition the working pressure, lead to mental strain. When people perform very eager, the hairs erect, impedes the smooth flow of blood circulation, results in a situation such as hair loss and white hair.

If you are careful enough, you can find that sit in front of computer long time, more easily to hair loss, the reason that use computers with long time, high concentration of attention, occur disorder with hair growth endocrine-related. It blocks hair follicle, can not supply the related nutrition in time, thus cause hair loss. Use the brain with science, can effective prevent hair loss:

Adjust the time of using computer. Take a short rest every half an hour, relax yourself, close your eyes or do eyes exercise or away from the computer screen, if you are allowed, stand up, turning head and neck.

The experts suggest adjust the diet structure, try to eat more fresh vegetables and fruit; intake foods rich in vitamin B, all these are good to hair growth, to remember spicy food as few as possible.

Get enough sleep no matter how intense the work, our working depends on adequate sleep every day, try your best to improve the sleeping quality, ensure to adjust the circulation of the cerebral cortex promptly.

Don’t look upon down hair loss, it may affect other people’s first impression to you.

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