Hair Inhibitors – Boost Power for Permanent Hair Removal

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Inhibitors – Boost Power for Permanent Hair Removal

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Hair growth inhibitors – Stop unwanted hair

Hair inhibitors are generally natural remedies that help to slow down the hair growth process and inhibit the growth of unwanted hair. Most people prefer hair inhibitors because removal of unwanted hair again and again can cause much annoyance to them. Moreover, this process is time consuming as well.

Hair inhibitors are available in the form of lotions and sprays that are generally safe and easy to use. You can use it on your back, chest, legs, arms, and underarms. By using these lotions, hair re-growth process slows down and within 6-8 weeks time, you can put a complete stop to the hair growth. People generally opt for hair growth inhibitors because other methods of hair removal are generally costly and time consuming.

Are hair inhibitors worth using?Hair inhibitors have proved to be effective for a majority of users who have experienced a reduced rate of hair growth. However, the results can vary for different users, and in rare cases, people may get disappointed with the results. Any type of hair growth inhibitor works best when you use it with any suitable hair removal method.

How to use Hair growth inhibitors?For effective results, you should use hair growth inhibitors after you have used any hair removal method or technique. You can start the treatment with twice daily use for about a week and then you can reduce it to once daily. You may find the use of hair inhibitor time consuming, but it is among the cheapest solutions for hair removal. Some of the widely used hair growth inhibitors are Ultra Hair Away and Hairnomore. Let’s discuss each of them briefly below.

Ultra Hair AwayUltra Hair Away is a natural solution for removing your unwanted body hair and inhibiting the growth of hair. It comes in the form of an odourless lotion that is easy to use and helps to slow down re-growth of unwanted hair. You can use Ultra Hair Away on the body areas such as arms, legs, face, abdomen, bikini line, upper lip, under arms, back shoulder, and so on. Ultra Hair Away lotion is also used for preventing razor hair bumps. This hair inhibitor product contains ingredients such as Polypropylene Glycol, Glycerol, Urea, Methyl paraben, EDTA, Dithiothreital, Disaccharides, and Water. If allergic to any of these than avoid the use.

Hair No More Hair Removal SystemIt comes in the form of a complete kit that contains hair inhibitor spray and other depilatory products. The Hair No More inhibitor spray is a topical solution that contains exotic plant enzymes that are useful for reducing hair follicle re-growth. It can be used by both men and women.

This hair inhibitor system has many advantages over other methods. It can eliminate your need to use hair removal methods just after a span of few days. By using this treatment, you may have to go for hair removal as long as, say every six weeks, which isn’t that bad.

This treatment is completely safe, as there are no known side effects of it. Its ingredients contain plant and herbal extracts. Some of the ingredients are urea, salicylic acid, hypercium, witch hazel, and soy peptides. The results with this treatment can be visible within 1-4 months after its regular use.

Both the above mentioned hair growth inhibitors are useful treatments for slowing down your hair growth process of unwanted hair. You can find these products when you search for them in local stores or even online. So just get one if you really want to get rid of your unwanted hairs effectively or slow down the hair growth process.

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