Hair Follicle Transplant for Patients with Hair Issues

11 April; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Follicle Transplant for Patients with Hair Issues

The hair follicle transplant is a long term hair replacement treatment which is very effective. The hair follicle is responsible for the growth of the hair strand. Active hair follicles around the body are collected and nourished in order to remain functional. All of the follicles collected would be placed in the scalp.

The process requires a lot of effort since hair follicles is very hard to handle. The use of advance equipment and surgical tools are required in order to accomplish the transplant operation. Computer assisted tools are available which would allow the follicles to be deposited properly in the scalp. Using technologically advance tools, the procedure can be finished in a matter of hours.

After the hair follicle transplant, the follicles deposited should be given great care in order to sustain growth and attachment to the scalp. The hair follicles require a lot of nutrients including protein and vitamins in order to continue proliferation. People can take hair growth supplements and hormone treatments to have abundant hair. Testosterone is very useful since it induces multiplication of hair cells around the body. This is very safe to use since it also improves other bodily function.

People should also avoid exposure of the newly attached hair to excessive temperature and other abusive factors. The hair needs to settle naturally in the skin. It requires a long time for the hair to secure its roots.

The hair follicle operation can be repeated if the hair implanted has begun to loosen and detach. The surgeons provide consumers with long term treatment packages in order to save money. The offer is good for eight to ten years. If ever there is a large decline in the volume of transplanted hair during that period of time, the surgeons would operate for free. This is very helpful and practical for consumers.

The hair follicle transplant has been used by many people around the world. It is the best procedure which can be used to deal with hair loss. A lot of drugs and medications have been marketed around the country as an alternative. Many adverse effects can be experienced from these medicines. The surgical transplant is a direct and effective way to deal with hair loss. People should choose this since it has no adverse and negative effect.


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