Hair Extensions the secure way

8 October; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Extensions the secure way

Article by Mirjan

Hair extensions have gained a great popularity in some last years, because they provide density and length to the natural hair. They come in two types, natural and synthetic. In some ways the natural extensions are good, while in some other ways, the synthetic ones score over them. You get the synthetic extensions for much less price and in various colors and textures, but their disadvantage is they cannot withstand heat and hence cannot be curled or straightened. Natural extensions, on the other hand, though are expensive, can be processed. Russia, Eastern Europe, China and India are the various ethnic sources, from where the natural extensions come.

There are two ways in which you can lengthen and thicken your hair with artificial extensions, viz. permanent and temporary.

The life of the permanent extensions can be as long as even six months, if they have been applied by an expert and are maintained well. Again different procedures can be used to attach these extensions. In the hot fusion bonding method the extensions are heated a little and then are applied near the scalp to your hair. It?s another counterpart is cold fusion bonding, which is less harmful, as a glue is used in it to fuse the hair and not heat. These techniques are the most high-priced, costing anywhere around 0 to 00 depending on the quality and amount of extensions and the time consumed for the application. Cold fusion is more expensive than the hot one. In one more type, called weaves and braided hair extensions, wefts made of the extensions and braids made of your hair are sewn together. A horizontal line of braids is created around the midline of the scalp and after the wefts are sewn to them, they are covered by your own hair. This costs about 0 per seating and requires maintenance after every 3 months. Micro-looping is one more procedure. Here real or synthetic hair is attached to small plastic loops. Your natural hair is passed through these loops. The loops are then taken toward the scalp and are tied there. The price for these ranges from 0 to 00. You can carry on fine with them even for six months, but they are even re-used. But despite being advantageous by way of looking natural and lasting longer, the permanent extensions are disadvantageous too. The major disadvantage is their high price. Their application is high-priced and their maintenance in turn is still more expensive. Further, if the heat, glues and chemicals used in the application and maintenance are not used skillfully, they are bound to damage your hair. Micro-loops though are less damaging, have the risk of slipping, and are not recommended for thin hair, as they can root out the hair.

Due to these cons offered by the permanent extensions, clip-ins is more advisable. These temporary extensions cost nothing compared to the permanent ones and offer a wide variety to choose from. Here, clips or row of clips to which extension strands are attached are clipped into the hair in such a way that they are not visible from outside. These are preferred more nowadays, as you need not go to an expert to have them applied and they come in throw-away prices, so you can make a large collection of them and relish the variety. In turn, they offer a variety of synthetic extensions. Monofilament (monofiber) is the synthetic hair of highest quality and cost to per packet. They miraculously resemble human hair and present numerous colors to choose from. They are useful as permanent extensions too. Silky straight Kanekalon is yet another kind with each packet costing to . They come in a very glistening, sleek and straight quality, but they suit only the straight or braided coiffeurs. Another variety, called silky braid Kanekalon, is perfect for dreadlocks, braids and straight styles. They are very, very affordable, costing just to . Although the variety of colors they offer is restricted and their texture is a kind of rough, they impart good appearance to the wearer. Jumbo braid Kanekalon is another type costing just to per packet and offering several ranges of colors. However you cannot manage them easily and advisable only for use as a quick, disposable style. Another choice is readymade braids or dreads, of which braids will cost you not more than and dreads may come for a bit higher cost.

Clip-in hair extensions are more advisable to use because they cause less damage to your own hair and you can try a number of experiments with them and have fun!

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