Hair extensions: The easy way to gorgeous hair

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair extensions: The easy way to gorgeous hair

Article by David Scott

A gorgeous head of hair is the most enchanting beauty trait of any woman. There is not a single female on this planet who wouldn’t aspire for the voluminous, bouncy haired look of the majority of top models. In the real world this look is much easier to achieve than you think.

Hair extensions are one of the biggest beauty secrets of celebrities today. Hair extensions are great for people with thinning hair who want to add volume or just as a beauty accessory for the fashion conscious women who want to look their best at all times.

Hair extensions are available for purchase anywhere from your local beauty supplier to online websites. They are usually made from natural hair or the more affordably priced synthetic hair extensions. The synthetic style is normally worn for temporary usage, because when used for a more permanent extension they can be problematic since it is not possible to perm or heat them. Natural hair extensions have no such constraints and look much more real than their plastic counterparts.

There are several ways of putting on hair extensions. They can be braided, glued or the most contemporary style, clip in extensions. These clip in extensions consist of natural braids of hair which have clips latched on to them. Your own hair can be parted and styled and then these clip in extensions are then added. They are highly versatile as it is very easy to put them on as well as remove them. They should not be worn while sleeping. People generally prefer clip in extensions for that all important hot date or even for wearing it to work everyday. Clip in extensions are very popular these days since they wont harm your natural hair.

Other types of hair extensions which need to be braided or glued with chemicals can cause lasting damage to your hair unless they are put on by experts. Always consult reputed hair stylists and get them to add on your extensions. This is one way of ensuring that no lasting damage is done to your natural hair.

It is important to take proper care of your hair extensions in order to ensure that they remain beautiful and do not disintegrate. Natural hair gets enough moisturizers from our scalp, however clip in extensions or hair extensions are not directly attached to your scalp and are thus deprived from this natural way of moisture replenishment. Thus, it is extremely vital that you cleanse and moisturize them every three to four days. Cleansing should be done using a mild shampoo otherwise, the hair extensions can develop split ends. Always brush your hair from bottom to top before you go to sleep, swim or for a bath. Ensuring this minimal care will help you maintain your gorgeous hair extensions for a much longer time.

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