Hair Extensions Salon Guide

13 September; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Extensions Salon Guide

There are various types of hair extensions that require different techniques to attach to hair. Majority of hair extensions are made with human or synthetic hair and can usually be cleansed with shampoo but may also require extra care to maintain the natural shine and look. Depending on the type and quality used hair extensions can last for   just a few days or six months, depending on rate of hair growth. They also differ in the level of damage that can be caused on the existing hair. Hair extensions can be found in different forms such as clip-in extensions, hair weaving, heat-seal extensions, micro-link extensions, ultra sonic extensions, hair bonding. But with all the options how can you decide what will suit you the most?


Clip-in extensions are perfect for people who just want to complete a look for an occasion or test the effect of hair extensions for the first time. Along with an easy application process, it can add length and body to hair it is the fastest and cheapest way.


Hair weaving is another safe way to apply extensions and test the effects without using chemicals of spending a lot of money. It is a simple process in which you basically sew in the extensions. Though it should be done professionally so it is neat and can last longer.


For the heat seal extensions, synthetic fiber hair is attached to the natural hair and lightly heated to create a seal. The seal lasts for upto four to six months. Micro link extensions are attached on each individual strand using a plastic ring to secure the real hair and extension hair. This technique can last up to three months and can be done at home or by a professional.


Ultra sonic extensions are applied using a keratin based polymer and an ultra sonic wave. This is popular, yet pricey, because it does not damage the hair like chemicals and heat-based treatments would. Hair bonding is a more common technique but it also damages the most because of the use of glue. It can last for up to a week and easily be removed.

It is important to note that the end result depends most on the quality of application and daily care


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