Hair Extensions – Russian or Indian

27 August; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Extensions – Russian or Indian

Real human hair is gathered from all over the world to be transformed and used as extensions and sold in the hair styling business. Some of the most well known hair is collected from Indian and Russian women. There are many common characteristics in both type of ethic groups and one is that their hair is very healthy and strong. The individual hair vary in many aspects i.e. color, length, thickness and how well they hold moisture. Real human hair to be made into extensions from donors located in Russia or India are the best in terms of the industry.

Russian hair is similar to European hair and comes in many different shades so it is relatively easy to match natural shades. Hair from Russia is commonly called “virgin” hair primarily because they do not normally use dye and is in its natural state when sold to be made into hair extensions. Russian hair is in demand because it is from caucasian women and the colors of the hair run the gamet so to speak. If you notice some Hollywood stars use these extensions and are cast in large Hollywood productions. The film industry is a big purchaser of the Russian extension because the product is so fine there is high demand throughout the world. Also it is quite common that manufacturers and suppliers issue certificates for their products to verify the quality and authenticity.

As mentioned before Russian extensions are famous for not being chemically treated – they are the most natural extension anyone can buy on the market today. Russian extensions are from Caucasians so the cuticles are not stripped and processed. The Russian hair is found to be silky, voluminous and famous for its natural look and lasting quality.

Extensions from India are usually dark in color, but there are small regions where the hair color closely resembles blond hair. Most people do not know some regions in Indian have people with light colored and would tell you quite the opposite – don’t believe them. It is true most Indian hair that is used for extensions is normally very straight, thick and darker in color. This is highly processed unlike the Russian variation. The Indian hair is cleaned bleached and dyed to a color that is specific to the extension industry. Indian hair is prevalent in the marketplace and most stylists use it to accommodate their customers because the price of this is a little cheaper. Also, because Indian hair it highly processed it does tend not to last as long as the Russian hair but does have great quality as far as hair extension is concerned. Indian extension come in many more colors because the hair is dyed.

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