Hair Extensions Nightmare You Need to Avoid

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Extensions Nightmare You Need to Avoid

It is a known fact that for a woman, her hair is her crowning glory. Having a bad hair day is tantamount to having a bad day and obviously bad looks. To fix this issue, many turn to hair extensions to restore their crowning glory into a hair worth bragging. But if you fall into the wrong hands, you might experience the worst hair extension nightmare and that is a fake looking extension. To avoid this nightmare, hair extensions Manchester and hair extensions London experts recommends the use of human hair extensions. Real hair extensions handled by the right Manchester hair extensions experts is equals to a perfect looking hair.

Before you go for hair extensions, it is a good idea to have an initial consultation to know how long it would take to put the hair extension. Depending on the look that want and the number of human hair extensions to be placed, a Manchester hair extensions expert needs at least an hour or can even take up to five hours to successfully and beautifully install real hair extensions. The thickening process alone can take 1-3 hours according to hair extensions London experts. On the other hand, the if you wish to lengthen your hairstyle, then prepare to spend 4-5 hours with a hair extensions Manchester expert.

It is during the initial consultation that you will be advised by hair extensions London experts on how long it would take them to place the hair extension. The hair extensions Manchester salon would also advise you on how much it would cost to get human hair extensions. Usually the initial consultation is free for hair extensions Manchester salons. They would also give you a free assessment on what type of hair extensions would best suit you. Real hair extensions alone have different choices and variety according to texture of hair, color, length and so on.

For a natural look, it is recommended that you choose real hair extensions that have the same style color as your hair. As much as possible, the hair extension should look very natural. This is where human hair extensions have a big advantage over synthetic hair extensions. This also draws the line between amateur hair extensions Manchester and Manchester hair extensions experts. One good indicator that you are with a good hair extensions London expert is when they make use of custom-made extensions especially for you. They would even keep records for each of their client for future reference.

The name you can trust when it comes to hair extension is Lucinda Ellery Hair Extensions Salon. With hair extensions London and Manchester hair extensions salons, Lucinda Ellery became the number one choice for many celebrities. Human hair extensions and real hair extensions are their specialties since 1984. For more than 25 years, they had been wowing their clients with their expertise. With a huge team of hair extensions Manchester and London experts, they became one of the biggest in UK. You are assured that your crowning glory will be in good hands with the experts in Lucinda Ellery.

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