Hair Extensions – News

22 May; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Extensions – News

Hair extensions are sought after by women who have thin hair or find they have too many problems in growing their own natural hair. Hair extensions are made from human hair ands from synthetic materials. The quality of human hair extensions is classified as virgin and Remy. Virgin hair indicates that the hair has not been colored or processed. It’s collected by tying up the hair to maintain its direction from the cuticles and then cut. It can then be sewn on a weft pre-bonded or made into wigs. Remy is referred to when each strand of hair is carefully organized and the roots are placed together in one direction and the tips in the other. Remy hair is easier to maintain and less prone to getting tangled.

Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper than human hair extensions and the only precaution required is that you don’t use hot curlers or a straightener to style the hair. Using any hot instrument on synthetic hair will cause it to melt.

Manufacturers of hair extensions grade the hair according to the color, the lower the number the darker will be the color. Black hair is graded as 1 and white or a very light blond will have the highest number. There are different textures in hair extensions which are; silky straight, yaki, European, deep wave, romance wave, jheri curls and wet and wavy.

East Asian countries are the biggest exporters of human hair and are dark in color. European hair has a slight wave in it. There are different methods that are used in attaching hair extensions. Track and sew are the most common method used in adding hair extensions to a woman’s own hair. The clip-on hair extensions are the easiest to use and manage. Many celebrities and women prefer using clip-on hair extensions as these can be attached in minutes and there is a wide variety available in them.

You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions in caring for hair extensions and most of them suggest using a mild or wig shampoo. Hair extensions vary in price depending on the type of hair and the manufacturer. Hair extensions can be easily purchased online from a variety f hair extensions stores.


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