Hair Extensions For Your Big Day

4 July; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Extensions For Your Big Day

Article by Jene Pedder

Are you worrying about what hairstyle to have for your wedding day? You may short hair and know it won’t grow in time for the style you want or even you just want longer hair to drape nicely over your shoulders and back if so Hair Extensions may be your lifesaver.

Hair extensions come in all shades of color, different qualities and also different lengths and styles. You may have blonde hair and we all know there are thousands of different shades of blonde around, from ash blonde to golden blonde to dark blonde to ice blonde, the list is endless. You may think oh I’m never going to get some extensions that will match my hair colour but you’re wrong. Hair extensions do come in different shades of color but say you bleach your hair blonde to a specific color you may be able to bleach your extensions to the same color as your hair.

The different kinds of hair extensions come in the form of the following:

* Normal hair – this hair is real human hair and is the most popular as it suits everyone.

* Virgin hair – this hair is real human hair and is to be known as the quality of hair extensions as no chemicals have been used on it at all.

* Asian hair – this hair is real human hair but doesn’t suit everyone as the color is very dark and it’s very thick so can look like it’s not your hair if your hair is fine.

* Synethic hair – this hair is fake and not human hair, with this it’s a lot cheaper but it can look fake as it’s usually very shiny and if your hair is dull people will notice the shine and realize its not your hair.

If your like me I want my hair to look gorgeous on my wedding day as we only do it once and why shouldn’t we look gorgeous its our day of course. If I was to use hair extensions to make my perfect whether in an up do in a simple bun or curly ringlets dropping over my shoulders I would use the Normal or Virgin hair extensions. If you want your hair to look amazing and not fake looking don’t use the Synethic hair extensions you may ruin your whole look and none of us want that.

Take the plunge and visit your nearest hair salon today and discuss with them the different options hair extensions can give you as the bride to be, you may be amazed at the options and variety you have to choose from. A salon is more likely able to give you the look and correct hair extensions to suit you and your hair colour, but if you can’t afford to go to a salon, visit a hair stockist who sells good quality human hair extensions and make sure you know how to fix them into your hair without the clips, glue or bonding showing.

If you do use hair extensions for your big day remember to take them out if you use clips to hold them in before you go to bed as you may wake up the next morning with a bad head.

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