Hair Extensions for Fine and Thinning Hair

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Extensions for Fine and Thinning Hair

Hair Extensions for women can be compared to a cosmetic surgery procedure in that it can greatly enhance a person’s appearance making them feel more confident and happier with their overall appearance.  Hair is a direct visual representation of health and in the same way a poor complexion can be temporarily enhanced with make up, hair extensions can transform a thin, weak head of hair into a thick and glorious mane.  Hair Extensions when applied in a safe fashion by a competent technician are a fantastic style option that can turn even the limpest locks into a glorious fashion accessory.

Hair Extensions can be a fantastic boost for fine or thinning but they can also be a disaster, so if you have decided to get hair extensions service and you have thinning or fine hair you have to be thorough when researching the hair extension techniques that interest you. Avoid cheap hair extensions and visit a hair extension expert who can work their magic on your hair. 

Working with the natural hair fall and growth cycle

The hair extensions you choose must be designed to work with your natural hair cycle; if your hair extensions are not temporary then it is essential that the hair extension attachment can stay safely anchored over time without putting extra strain on the natural hair as your hair periodically sheds.  Some hair extensions need to be replaced as the natural hair sheds, whilst some hair extensions require top-up (maintenance appointments) to counteract the deterioration of the hair extension attachments.  If your hair extensions will need maintenance over time, remember to factor this into your hair extensions cost, otherwise you may find your hair extension service might not fit your budget in the long term.

Hair Extensions on Fine/ Thinning Hair

Firstly, it is important for you to define whether your hair is fine or thinning.  If your Hair is fine then it may be your hair simply has a low density or that your hair shaft diameter is smaller than average.  If your hair is fine it is important that the individual hair extension attachments are able to be varied to suit your personal needs.

 Example; Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are only available in predetermined sections, although your hair extension technician can adjust the section sizes slightly (by cutting the bond in half) it will still not be tailored to your own individual hair density.

If your hair is thinning, it is important to try and ascertain why.  Thinning hair can be a result of a poor diet, stress or simply a natural part of the aging process. Sometimes women think their hair is thinning when in actual fact their hair is breaking as a result of chemical treatments like colouring or hair straightening or excessive heat damage.  The gradual loss of density can lead women to believe that their hair is thinning when in fact the hair shaft strength has been seriously compromised.  Ensure that if your hair is thinning, you can at the very least stabilize this type of hair loss, as over time hair extensions can exacerbate the problem.  Address the problem by visiting a Trichologist or your doctor rather than ignoring the problem as thinning hair, in its early stages, has a better chance of recovery.

The Best Hair Extensions for Fine Thinning Hair 

To help you work out which type of Hair Extensions may be best suited to fine or thinning hair I have reviewed some popular Hair Extension techniques / Hair Weaving Techniques and accompanied the reviews with a star rating.

****Great Hair Extensions for Fine/ Thinning Hair

***Good Hair Extensions for Fine / Thinning Hair

**Ok Hair Extensions for Fine / Thinning Hair

*Not Recommended for Fine / Thinning Hair

**** Natural Hair Extensions

Natural Hair Extensions are unique hair extensions, as they do not use any heat, wefts, metal clips or chemicals during application, they will not compromise the integrity of the hair shaft.  Extension hair is added to match your own hair density, so you can avoid unnecessary weight and stress on your roots.  The Natural Hair Extensions is a completely bespoke service so if you have a particularly sparse area i.e. the crown area, the hair extensions attachments can be placed around this area so the hair extension attachments will not show.  Natural Hair Extensions were designed to compliment the natural biological hair fall / growth process, so as time passes and your natural hair sheds, the hair extensions will not begin to place unnecessary tension on you hair and scalp. Natural Hair Extensions are not vulnerable to external elements making them easy Hair Extensions to look after.  Natural Hair Extensions are undoubtedly the best human hair extensions.  This service requires no maintenance or top up appointments making them affordable hair extensions

***Fusion/Keratin/Bonded Hair Extensions

Bonded Hair Extensions are applied by melting a small amount of resin and creating a tiny bond.  The natural hair is connected to the natural hair with this bond.  This is a good option for fine or thinning hair as the extension hair density can be added to match your own.  Removal involves the use of acetone, and as long as your hair extension technician is gentle, should not involve any pulling or tugging.  If you decide to use a glued in hair extension technique, then you MUST ensure your hair extension technician is experienced, as there is a great potential for hair loss with poorly applied glue hair extensions.

 *** Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions

These Hair Extensions are similar to Clip In Hair Extensions, but rather than having the extension hair added in individual rows, the extension hair is on a hair piece and the clips are positioned at the top and bottom of the hair piece.  To apply, simply separate your crown area and braid or tie back the hair in the lower area and sides of your head, then fix the hairpiece over the sectioned hair.  Even on thin hair these extensions are very discrete, will blend easily, and should not show through thin hair.  These extensions are great for people who have thinning hair on the crown area but it is important that your hair is thick enough to hold the extensions at the clip attachment points.

 ** Shrinkies TM

Shrinkies are applied and removed with a heated wand.  They are essentially keratin (resin) lined plastic tubes which shrink when heat is applied.  Shrinkes are generally available in one size, to ensure that the Shrinkie attachment does not slip, the hair extension technician must ensure they add enough extension hair so that when the tube shrinks there are no gaps and it will hold well.  This effectively means that this hair extension service cannot be completely tailored to your own hair density which would make it a less suitable option for those with thinning hair.

 **Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions consist of wefts of extension hair with clips attached.  The Hair Extensions are applied on rows to the first inch of your own hair.  The Clips need to be anchored firmly in the natural hair so that they do not slip (the metal clip slipping down your hair shaft can strip the cuticle severely over time). If the crown are of your hair is fine then you may not have enough hair to cover the attachments.

  **Microrings / Microlinks

Microlinks are small nickels beads that are looped through the natural hair and then has extension hair added, to create a firm attachment.  The Microlink beads are available in 4 sizes, so to some extent the hair extension attachments can be varied to suit your own hair thickness.  Microlinks have a tendency to slip if not applied firmly, but if applied too firmly the Microlink can distort creating sharp edges that can strip the hair cuticle whilst it’s being held in place.  Regular maintenance is important with Microlinks to keep the attachment secure.  Unfortunately, because of the attachment material, the Microlinks are likely to be visible in fine or thinning hair.

 *Traditional Weave

The Traditional Weaving method involves creating a corn rowed base with the natural hair and some synthetic hair and weaving a weft of extension hair onto the cornrow.  This type of extension lasts approximately 2-6 weeks before it needs replacing or retightening.  It is generally unsuitable for fine or thinning hair as the cornrow base must be quite firmly braided into the scalp and can cause pulling and discomfort on those who do not have a thick head of hair to begin with.  Over time, as the cornrowed base grows away from the scalp this will start to tug on the hair follicles causing stress on the scalp which should be avoided at all costs on fine or thinning hair.

 *Laser Weave

The laser weave is much like the Traditional weave except there is no cornrowed base to attach the hair extension wefts.  Instead the natural hair is prepared with a blanket stitch sewn in with weaving thread; the weft is then anchored to this.  If the natural hair is not thick enough to adequately anchor the blanket stitch the extension hair weft will slip within hours.

Generally Hair Extensions are great at giving skinny hair a boost but can cause further problems if the hair extension attachments are unsuitable for fine or thinning hair.  It is advisable to visit at least 3 Hair Extension Experts and talk to them at length about your concerns. Most Hair Extension Consultations are free and the remainder are usually redeemable against a Hair Extension service.  Hair Extension Training and Courses generally do not specifically include working with fine hair so always ensure your Hair Extension Expert has plenty of experience with fine hair.

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