Hair Extensions – Different Attachment Techniques

15 July; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Extensions – Different Attachment Techniques

Article by Cyril Forbes

Have you ever wondered how somebody managed to create long, sexy and thick looking hair with the use of hair extensions? There are a range of different ways which you can apply hair extensions. Firstly think about the style of hair extension that you want. What method will you use to apply the extension, a weft or strand by strand? the latter being each strand of extension is attached to one of your individual hairs. The other method, which is a weft is a band of hair which is already stitched together that is sewn or taped into your hair providing instant length, this method is usually the cheaper option. These are the most common ways of fixing hair extensions. One method is known as weaving where a stylist will section your hair into rows and apply human hair extensions to individual strands by sewing them with a needle. To do this your hair will need to be pulled quite tight, this may be uncomfortable but it is necessary to gain a good fixture. With this method not involving chemicals it is the most popular choice. You will need to have the extensions checked regularly so that if they have become loose they can be tightened up again. Bonding is another option, this technique involves a glue or a chemical to attach the extension strand by strand in most cases. The attaching of the extension is done close to the scalp. A remover can be used to detach the extensions by dissolving the glue. It is also possible to use acetone. There is also the method of fusion, which can be cold/hot, link/lock and loop variations. To achieve this, a pretipped hair extension is covered with a fusing chemical which then fuses with your hair when treated with an applicator gun. Another way of fixing the extension is with a ring that tightens around your hair and the extension to hold them in place. They are mostly attached in a salon by a stylist who can tighten them up if needed and also remove them when you want. Clip-ons are the simplest variety to attach and detach. This type of extension can be clipped close to the base of your hair. Because this style is made from cheaper quality hair, it needs to be taken out before your hair is washed. Here are some significant things to remember about the different methods of attachment. Do you want them to be permanent or temporary? Permanent extensions will mean numerous visits to the salon to get your hair attached properly and to maintain them afterwards. When choosing the human style hair extensions, they will need careful maintenance to keep them healthy looking, this means washing less frequently than usual with good quality shampoo and conditioner. Using a temporary style means you can put them in and take them out as required within your own home.

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