Hair Extension Care

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Extension Care

Article by Melanie Libatique

Quality hair extensions don’t come cheap. People spend from 0 to 00 just for the application. So when you get them, it’s only right that you take care of your extensions so you can get the full value for the money you spent.

First things first– Always follow the instructions given by your hair stylist. The experts will give you hair extension care to dos so you won’t end up in the salon the next week, having another set applied again. Be sure to follow these tips whenever you style, wash, or color them.

Get color prior to getting extensions. Salons usually have samples of their available hair extensions so you’ll be able to get an idea of the colors you might want to achieve for your hair. Coloring hair extensions is not actually recommended by hair stylists but it is possible. However, the ideal scenario is to have your natural hair dyed before you have the extensions weaved in or “glued” in.

Keeping your hair clean is a basic part of hygiene, but when you have extensions, shampooing or washing your hair becomes a different process. Hair stylists make it a point to remind you to keep them tangle free so after hitting the gym or going for a swim, always wash your hair. Wash hair in a downward direction. Extensions, especially synthetic hair, easily tangle up because of their texture. Mild washing should help keep them shiny and tangle-free. Also, if you’re wearing really long extensions, it’s recommended that you use a brush while you wash your hair. This way, any tangles that build-up as you shampoo can be taken care of as you go down the tips.

Hair extension care tip number four is to use mild shampoos and conditioners. Be sure that you get quality products because cheap ones can easily ruin them, especially if they were applied via special adhesives. Scrooging on shampoo and hair conditioners won’t do much for your budget because you’ll probably be back at the salon, having them removed or re-applied.

Avoid aggressive brushing is hair extensions care number five. Your hair stylist would probably get a heart attack if she saw you brushing your hair with a steel hair brush. Use combs with soft or flexible bristles to work through your hair. Synthetic extensions are also prone to easy breakage so if you opted for them, better get a soft brush.

Styling your hair extensions is possible without the constant help of a hair stylist but, you need to be careful if you plan on using curling or straightening irons. There’s no problem with styling extensions made with natural human hair but again, synthetic hair is a different story. Blow drying is a no-no for synthetic hair because it shortens their life spans by a quarter. Towel-dry hair gently and air drying them is the best way to go. Of course, you’ll have to allot more time in getting ready but that’s the price to pay for beauty. If you’re attending an important event and you want to go all out, just got to a salon so you won’t worry s much if you’re doing something wrong.

Hair extension care number seven: No sleeping with wet hair. If you have long extensions, you can choose to tie it in a bun or put a sleeping cap on. This is especially recommended for sleepers that move a lot. But if you have mid-length extensions, then a pony tail should be enough.

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