Hair Dye Ideas | Hair colors ideas

26 October; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Dye Ideas | Hair colors ideas

Pink hair dyed hair give you a unique look. This is not a usually opted hair color, people prefer to go with blonde, brown or reddish shades of hair coloring. As these hair colors give a natural and more subtle colored hair look. If you want to try something different, then try pink hair dye colors. Here are some tips on coloring your hair pink, and pink hair dye ideas.

All About Pink Hair Dye

Before you try out any pink hair dye ideas, it is important that you pre-bleach your hair. It is especially important if people who are wanting to go for pink hair dye for dark hair. This is because if you want a bright shade of pink, without pre-bleached hair, the dye will not be able to give the desired hair color shade. Even people who have light colored hair like natural blonde hair, will find the permanent or temporary pink hair dye results better with pre-bleaching.

Shades of Pink
There are different shades of pink hair dye. These are all semi-permanent pink hair dye, and start fading away after some time, which is why you will need to color your hair again. Keep in mind that the shade you see on the pink hair dye box, will not necessarily look the same on your hair after dyeing. So, remember to pre-bleach your hair. Manic Panic has best products of pink hair color. Shades like Cotton Candy, Pretty Flamingo, Hot Hot Pink and Fuschia Shock are available. Most popular is the hot pink hair dye. Go to their site, to check out the various shades, and select a shade which you like the most.


Coloring Hair
Once you have selected the shade you want, buy a box of the pink hair dye product. These hair color are quite easy to use, and you can use them to color your hair at home. You can also go to a stylist to get your hair colored. However, if you previously dyed your hair at home, then you can use the home coloring kit and color your hair pink yourself. Take care to wear disposable gloves when you are dyeing your hair, this will protect the skin of the hand from chemicals. Before coloring your hair, you have to perform hair bleaching, then wash them, and then apply liberal portions of dye to the hair in the areas where you want the color. Then let the dye sit for recommended time and wash the hair again.

Hair Color Ideas
If you have black or deep brown hair, then color upper half of your hair into bright pink. You can also consider getting few blue streaks in the front. On a bob haircut, you can try these hair color ideas try mixing pink with orange color to get beautiful looking mixing hair colors. You can also cut your hair into layered, and get the hair near the crown colored pink, and the back hair colored purple. If you have plain straight hair, then cut them in side bangs, and get few streaks of pink in the bangs.

Hair Care Instructions
To protect your colored hair, you need to take certain measures. Firstly, use mild shampoos or conditioners for hair care, better is to use hair care products which are especially made for colored hair. You can also use scarves or hats while going out in the sun. As exposure to sun causes the color to become lighter. Before going for swimming, make sure you first dilute your hair with spring water and apply a leave in conditioner.

These were the tips on coloring your hair with pink hair dye, and various pink hair dye ideas which you can use. So, select a pink hair color you like and follow the instructions properly to dye your hair.

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