Hair Care: Prevent Build Up!

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Care: Prevent Build Up!

Article by Wendy James

Hair Care: Deep Conditioning All hair needs to be conditioned, but dry hair often requires deep conditioning. Condition dry hair each time you shampoo, and consider using a weekly oil treatment. Olive oil is wonderful for dry hair. Many salons and fancy brands of conditioner advertise deep hair conditioning, but you can deep condition dry hair simply by putting your favorite conditioner on your hair, covering it with a plastic cap, and leaving it in for at least 30 minutes. Rinse off, and air dry your hair.

For Frizzy Hair:Frizzy hair, whether you have fine thin hair or thick course hair is usually due to a lack of moisture and lack of protein in the cortical layers of the hair. You can solve your problem with the frizzies with a silicone oil product made for frizzy hair, buy we prefer to solve the problem rather than treat the symptoms. One of the main prevention method is to avoid ever hot blow drying your hair. This will only make your hair become dryer and more frizzy! Always air dry your hair.

Product Build Up.Once the hair is coated, your problems will commence. First of all, the moisture that our hair so desperately needs will not be able to permeate through the wall of product build. The moisture is then not able to find it¡¯s way underneath the cuticle layer. The hair cannot then be conditioned. Also the oils will not diffuse. If you use any kind of hot styling tools such as blow dryers or hot irons, what will happen to your hair, is exactly what happens when you put an egg into a hot pan. It will fry. So, avoid hot drying your hair and always air dry your hair.

Flat HairTo achieve flat hair, finish styling with a ceramic flat-iron designed for hair after following the steps above. Choose the heat setting for your hair type, and allow flat-iron to warm before using. Select portions of hair, as per blow-drying directions, and slide heated flat-iron along hair, beginning close to the roots and going past the ends of hair, repeating if needed to fully flatten hair.

Hair Care: Get Trimmings!Get your hair trimmed. It sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s not always easy to fit more frequent haircuts into a busy schedule. Dryness starts from the ends. If you normally get your hair cut every 10 weeks, get it cut in eight weeks. If you usually trim your hair every six weeks, get it trimmed monthly. Month trimmings will always ensure that your hair does not have that ragged ends!

Home Hair Care RemedyUse mayonnaise: Use a dollop of mayonnaise on the palm of the hand and massage it to the head and leave it on for five minutes before having the bath. The recommended time for the mayonnaise treatment is an hour. Rinse off after that and air dry.

Spray the beer: If you do not get any respite from using the mayonnaise, you can use beer as a good setting lotion that gives your hair the crisp, healthy and shiny look. You can pour some beer into an empty pump bottle and spray on the hair after shampooing and towel dry. Then you can style or blow-dry the hair. However, do air dry if possible and avoid using a hot air blower. Always take good care of your body too because your body is like an automation machine that runs 24 hours a day! Healthy Body will yield great hair!

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