Graying of Hair â?? How You Can Reverse The Process!

27 October; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Graying of Hair â?? How You Can Reverse The Process!

Article by Tom Simeo

If you thought graying of hair is irreversible, it is not. Pills with Catalase enzyme can effectively reverse the process of graying, restoring the natural color. Made of herbal extracts, these pills feed the body with what it requires.

Gray hair is a common problem. Yet, when our hair turns gray, we are worried as we regard it as a sign of aging. No doubt, there comes a time when every person has to watch his hair turn gray but when people begin to see their hair turning gray in their twenties or thirties, they are crestfallen. Least they would like is to look old when they are in the prime of their life, and they frantically begin scouting for ways to the reverse the process.

Hair turn gray when Hydrogen Peroxide, a free radical, bleaches melatonin, an essential element for keeping our hair in natural color. As the bleaching agent works slowly, the hair turn gray. Catalese enzyme breaks down Hydrogen Peroxide, preventing our hair from going gray. However, as we grow older, Catalese depletes in our system, and the pace at which our hair becomes gray increases. The key to resolving the problem is to replicate the Catalese enzyme which breaks down Hydrogen Peroxide to bring back the natural hair color.

Some cases of premature hair graying are genetic while some are the result of hormone imbalance. Mental stress and the diseases such as Thyroid and high blood pressure also cause gray hair. However, in most cases, it is the lack of essential nutrition which results in the graying of hair. While one can’t stop the natural aging process, extraneous supply of the nutrients needed help in slowing the process and, if the person is young, even reverse it and bring back the natural color back to hair.

Hair dyes are also used by some to make their color the hair. However, these dyes contain toxic substances that harm the hair. Dyes just cover up the hair with an artificial color rather than sorting out the root of the problem. Better solution is to go for an option that deals with the real cause, and is less expensive as well. Catalase based herbal solutions address the issue at core level, breaking down Hydrogen Peroxide that bleaches the hair, restoring the color.

One can support the body perform its function with regular intake of healthy food and daily exercise. While the nutrient-rich food will help sustain the body, exercise will aid its functioning. However, if melatonin is below a certain level, you have no other option but to feed the body with pills that contain the enzyme required by the body to produce melatonin. These pills are made of herbal extracts and concentrated Catalase enzyme that effectively combat gray hair.

You just need to consume the pills daily for 8 to 12 weeks and the results will show. To find the pills that can restore the natural color to your hair, you should begin your search online. With some research, you can find a few companies that offer the pills that have been tested to reverse the graying of hair. You can place an order online and get these pills shipped directly to your home. You just need to make sure that you are sourcing your pills from a supplier who provides genuine pills with grey hair vitamin as some pills could contain elements that would do more harm than good.

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