Get a Sexy Hair Makeover in Minutes With Blond Hair Extensions

12 September; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Get a Sexy Hair Makeover in Minutes With Blond Hair Extensions

Article by Jacqueline Jade

Were you born blonde or had you had your hair colored blond? Are you presently stuck with damaged and unhealthy blond tresses after subjecting your hair to just too many chemical treatments and styling makeovers? Contemplating on hair extensions to hide the damage or do you just want to have a great new look? Have you just seen a blonde celebrity sporting a new hairstyle but afraid that it would take you a long time to achieve the same look? Don’t allow your dilemma to rob you of a good night’s rest. The hair extension industry can give your blond hair a quick fix.

You can select a hair extension made from either real hair or synthetic material. Hair extensions that are made from genuine human hair originate from Asian, European and African American nationalities. The premium variety of blond hair extension comes from those made with European hair. There are synthetic hair extensions that you can also use, but they are no match for the extensions made of real human hair.

The price fetched by the accessory ranges from affordable to expensive. Asian hair and synthetic hair come out the cheapest, and real Russian hair the most expensive. Wondering why the steep difference in price? It is actually based on the quality of hair being used, which means that genuine hair from Russia, or other Eastern and Central European countries for that matter, do have the finest quality and are highly recommended for blond hair extensions.

Since some of the original hairs used for hair extensions do come in black color, they need to be processed and bleached until the desired blonde color is attained. Although the extensions have already undergone processing, there is a need for you to use hair care products specifically manufactured for bleached hair.

Availing of the services of a professional to attach blond hair extensions is more of an option than a necessity. You can weave, braid, bond or clip the extension on to your own hair, and you can choose from different shades and hair lengths.

Except for synthetic hair extensions which require special care and handling, blond hair extensions are generally easy to maintain.

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