Fusion Hair Extensions – For Long Lasting Hair Extensions

7 July; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Fusion Hair Extensions – For Long Lasting Hair Extensions

When you want to have hair extensions, it can be associated with numerous methods like gluing, tubing, sewing, and clipping. While each has their own pros and cons, selecting the way for your hair extensions depends on personal factors like lifestyle, needs, hair condition, and budget. If you are looking for long lasting hair extensions that look natural, fusion hair extensions are ideal for you.

Fusion hair extensions are ideal for people who fee uncomfortable with readymade hairs that have been clipped on. This process is also perfect for people who are scared that their hair extensions might fall out. Fusion hair extensions are most preferred sort of extensions as it could last to four to six months when applied by a professional and when managed properly. The best thing about using fusion hair extensions is that it looks natural and easily mixes up with your real hair.

As the name suggests, fusion hair extension are attached to your hair by undergoing a process called “fusion bonding”. This method works by “fusing” the extensions with keratin proteins from your natural hair – strand by strand. The weft is then attached to the roots of your hair using a heated adhesive stick and bonding glue that is designed specially for fusion hair extensions.

Two Methods behind Fusion Hair Extensions Fusion hair extension can be either cold or hot. Cold fusion gives you a gentler effect on your hair. This sort of fusion extensions uses keratin-based polymer that will be blend to your roots. As cold fusion doesn’t use heat, it is perfect for thin or normal hair. It could be last up to six months.

On other hand, with hot fusion, the extensions are attached to your roots using hot glue. This sort of treatment could last up to four months. While lots of people are keen followers of hot fusion extensions, some believe that it could result in a stiff and unnatural looking hair.

As fusion can produce long lasting hair, both hot and cold treatments are more expensive than other hair weaving methods. Moreover, the sort of hair used can increase or decrease the price of your treatment. Simply put, if you want to have hair extensions that could last several months, achieve a natural looking extensions and become worry-free of your hair, then fusion hair extensions is perfect for you.

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