FUE Hair Transplant

29 April; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

FUE Hair Transplant

As hair loss problems are being faced by a substantial number of people, especially males, in the UK, FUE hair transplant as a therapy is fast gaining prominence. Its popularity is further boosted by the number of hair clinics that has come up in notable cities of the country providing professional help to avert and overcome this problem.

As claimed by trained professionals in the field, FUE hair transplant is the safest and the fastest way to acquire healthy hair and avoid baldness. This problem is often overlooked as shedding hair is a natural process and 100 shafts of hair are estimated to fall off naturally. If left untreated over a long period of time, the problem continues to grow, thereby, resulting in partial or complete baldness.

Since there are many reasons for hair fall like illness, side effects of drugs or chemicals used for a long period of time and hormonal changes, it is necessary to first detect the cause as FUE Hair transplant can be prescribed once the problem area is pointed out clearly.

Moreover, surgeons carry out thorough examination before they decide that a patient needs to undergo hair transplant. This is the reason why they suggest a graft calculation prior to a FUE hair transplant as the availability of grafts is crucial for the successful transplanting method.

In the hands of experienced surgeons, anyone can be assured of a satisfactory FUE hair transplant. That’s why, it’s best to avail the services of reputed hair replacement clinics in the UK. Not only they are known for their varied services and well trained staff, but they are the best places to turn to if one does not want the money to go waste or reel under the hazards of an improper hair transplant.

Usually, FUE hair transplant is safe and has no side effects. Surgeons use modern technology and surgical tools in the process, thereby, replacing the age old strip method. The follicle extraction as well as implantation is harmless and painless. The healing takes place within 7 days with absolutely no side effects. The result – new and healthy hair growth in the balding areas in a natural way.

However, care should be taken once the FUE Hair Transplant is done to maximise the benefits. Taking proper care of oneself and acting according to the suggestions provided by the surgeons is a must post the hair transplant session. Taking antibiotics or pain killers as prescribed, using medicated shampoos and keeping the scalp clean are some of the precautions that need to be taken to benefit from a FUE hair transplant.

Harley Street Hair Clinic offers FUE hair transplant therapy, hair replacement services, micro-surgery and laser therapy. FUE hair transplant is safe and has no side effects. The clinic offers potential clients a free online consultation which is given by trained medical professionals.

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