Frontal Hair Loss Remedies

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Frontal Hair Loss Remedies

The most common cause of hair loss however is androgenetic alopecia (AGA) which causes hair loss due to the influence of male hormones. Androgenetic alopecia causes baldness only on men with genetic tendency for baldness which means that some men are prone to hair loss more than others. Normally, it starts as frontal hair loss but eventually spreads throughout the entire scalp until no hair is retained.

Frontal Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness which affects men who have the genetic predisposition, follows a certain pattern of hair loss hence its name. Fronto-temporal recession or frontal hair loss is a fairly common pattern. Even as teenagers, Caucasian men are already observed with frontal hair loss.

Frontal hair loss is characterized deep frontal recession or vertex balding which starts at puberty but the frequency of frontal hair loss increases with age. Starting with frontal hair loss, hair loss then progresses to end-stage balding wherein 50 to 60 percent of hair would be shed off by age 70. But then again, frontal hair loss that occurs during puberty may not progress and hair loss would be just about 15 to 20 percent.

As frontal hair loss begins, hair in the region becomes shorter and though not always, hairs may become finer as well. Eventually, this results to complete hair loss except at the lateral and posterior margins of the scalp where hair is retained.

The testosterone derivative hormone, dihydrotestosterone is considered as the culprit to frontal hair loss. The frontal region is an androgen-dependent region hence testosterone in this area of the head is readily converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Since testosterone levels are peaking during puberty, DHT levels peak at the same time and thus frontal hair loss occurs concurrent with puberty when males are most conscious about how they look.

Frontal Hair Loss Remedies

Since the males are particular about how other people perceive them, they may seek professional help. The advances in treatment for hair loss are very helpful in preventing progression of frontal hair loss to total hair loss. Since hair loss commonly starts as receding frontal hair line, frontal hair grafts could be done on patients who suffer from frontal hair loss.

Hair loss restoration surgery however can be very expensive. There are a however less expensive, more convenient and highly effective hair loss remedies that allow hair growth and reverse hair loss. Procerin has been proven effective in addressing the problems with frontal hair loss.

Normally, hair loss remedies are more effective when used at the earliest stage of hair loss. When used early, this product prevents progression of frontal hair loss and teenagers could very well enjoy their teens without fear of being judged due to hair loss.

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