For the Guys: How to Stop Freaking out about Hair Loss

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

For the Guys: How to Stop Freaking out about Hair Loss

Article by John Michaels

Losing one’s hair especially at a young age (age 20 for me) can affect your self-esteem, confidence, social life, and work life, if you allow it. I used to constantly worry about my hair loss and what other people would think of me, especially women. Over the past several years, I’ve come to the point of acceptance with my hair loss and would like to share a few tips that I’ve personally practiced to deal with this issue.

Determine the cause of your hair loss

While my hair loss was a result of male pattern baldness, there are other conditions that can cause hair loss. Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, results in losing hair in a typical pattern starting above the temples and then having the hairline recede to form an “M” shape. The crown of the head also begins to thin, and then progresses to partial or total baldness. You should check with your doctor to get his or her opinion.

Shave or buzz your hair very short

Luckily for balding men, shaving or buzzing hair is quite trendy nowadays. Numerous celebrities have buzzed or shaven their hair including Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, The Rock, Vin Diesel, Andre Agassi, Michael Jordan, Michael Stipe, Michael Chicklis, and many more. I personally chose to buzz my hair a few years ago and it was probably the main reason why I don’t worry so much about my hair loss. I never need to stare in the mirror to comb my hair anymore. My hair never gets messed up in the wind. Shorter hair can make hair loss appear less evident. I also love how showering my hair takes so little time. Lastly, I have a smooth uniform look, which I personally think looks much better than a combover. Depending on the shape of your head, buzzing might look better than totally shaving or vice-versa but do whatever you are comfortable with.

Realize you’re not alone

When I started losing my hair, I felt I was the only one dealing with this problem. At the age of 20, I didn’t personally know anyone who was losing their hair at my age. I started reading hair loss forums online and realized that there were many people in their 20’s losing their hair with the exact same concerns as me. The truth of the matter is by age 30, around one third of all males show signs of baldness and by age 50, fifty percent are affected by hair loss. There are MILLIONS of men who are suffering from the exact same problem as me. So big deal if I started a little early. Now while everyone else is freaking out at age 30 about their hair loss, I’ve moved on with my life.

Make a plan of action

One tip I’ve read to help with excessive worrying about a problem (an issue of mine) is to make a plan and stick with it. To determine your plan, research the different options to treat hair loss, join a few forums to get other people’s perspectives, and eventually make a decision. There are numerous options of dealing with hair loss such as trying to grow hair back with minoxidil (brand name Rogaine) or finasteride (brand name Propecia), shaving or buzzing your hair, hair transplants (although this is expensive and may require numerous operations), or doing nothing at all. Once you have thoroughly researched your options, choose one and stick with it. You can always change your plan in the future.

Realize that many women love personality and confidence

While there are some superficial women out there, there are many others who are more attracted to the personality, confidence, and sense of humor of a man despite his hair loss. Not only have I read this online, but I have heard many attractive women say this in person. It’s unfortunate that some men lose their confidence from hair loss and think that failure with women is due to their hair loss rather than lack of confidence. As long as you feel comfortable with yourself, success will follow with women.

Focus on other aspects of your life

Another way to deal with hair loss is to focus on other activities in your life to help get your mind off of it. There’s so much more to life than just your looks. Instead of spending your time worrying about your hair loss, you could spend the time improving yourself physically, mentally, or emotionally. Get a new hobby, join a club, meet some new people, or anything else you’ve wanted to do. By expanding your daily activities, you might just realize that hair loss doesn’t have to affect your life.


Remember: Do not let hair loss ruin your confidence and self-esteem. I’ve used these tips to the point where I fully accept my hair loss. Worrying is totally unnecessary, accomplishes nothing, and wastes valuable energy. Try some of the tips recommended above and hopefully your perspective on hair loss will change beneficially.

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