Follicular Unit Hair Transplant for Effective Hair Treatment

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant for Effective Hair Treatment

The follicular unit hair transplant is the latest method used to deal with hair loss. Hair loss is a common problem experienced by millions of aging people around the world. Hair deterioration and shedding is an irreversible condition meaning the hair strands would not grow after its loss.

The only way to deal with hair loss is through the implantation of viable hair strands. The hair strands should be able to maintain its roots and attachments. This can be done through microsurgery that can place hair follicles in the dermal layer of the skin. A lot of people are very satisfied with the hair follicle transplant. It has given them the chance to recover from hair loss. The method used assures consumers that the hair would be retained for decades.

The follicular unit hair transplant requires precision since the follicular cells should be properly positioned. The hair cells are deposited deeply in the scalp of the patient. Instead of using scalpels and forceps, surgeons used a computer controlled clipper which is less than 3 millimeter in width. This is necessary since the hair follicles are very tiny. The regular forceps used for operations are blunt which could flatten the follicle.

The surgeon uses a video camera that can magnify the image to have a better perspective. This is necessary since the layers of the skin are hard to identify without powerful ocular tools. The clipper is attached to a computer which allows the surgeon to perform very accurate movements. This allows the follicle cells to be placed at the right places in the scalp.

The follicular unit hair transplant is very fast and accurate. Since the operation is conducted with the assistance of a computer, the surgeon can provide better results. The hair is securely placed in the deep areas of the scalp which assures firm attachment. In case the hair would start to shed, follow up service can be given. The surgeon can reattach the hairs to the proper places. This is a good long term treatment for people looking to deal with baldness and hair loss. Many experts around the world have recommended this kind of treatment.



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