Female Hair Loss – Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Female Hair Loss – Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Article by Oscar Klein MD

Female Hair Loss — Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

When men lose their hair it is really a difficult thing for them to handle. For women, it’s totally a devastating experience. Female hair loss is known to create feelings of self doubt, because society believes a woman is not beautiful without a crown of rich luxuriant hair. So, when a woman begins to lose her hair, she begins to feel unattractive.The occurrence of hair loss in women is a lot higher than a most people think. A large number of women will experience hair loss at one time in their lives. For a lot of women, hair loss is simply marked by the thinning of their hair. In other situations, female hair loss is as a result of changes in a woman’s hormonal functions which actually occur in every woman at a certain stage in their lives. The two common examples are:

• Post partum hair loss• Post menopausal hair loss

About 50 percent of women suffer hair loss after menopause. The reason for this is, after menopause, many women produce less of the female hormone estrogen. Keep in mind that both men and women’s body’s produce the female hormone estrogen and the male hormone testosterone. What distinguishes men from women is women produce relatively more estrogen than testosterone while the opposite is true for men.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is produced as testosterone is metabolized. The current thinking within the scientific community is DHT has the effect of shrinking the hair follicle thus contributing to hair loss.

As women age, they typically produce less estrogen and as a result testosterone becomes more hormonally influential. Women in this group begin to experience a process of hair loss very similar to that of men.

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

The causes of hair loss in women are usually physical stress, hormonal imbalance, anemia, hair styles that put too much tension on the hair follicles and rapid weight loss. Women can suffer hair loss as a result of emotional stress which includes mental illness, death in the family and depression. There are other medical health conditions that may be the cause of hair loss in women. Particularly abnormalities caused by thyroid and pills used for the treatment of high blood pressure and gout can lead to female hair loss. Other causes include;

• Lupus• Diabetes• Child birth• Certain medications used in the treatment of illnesses such as cancer• High fevers• Serious (acute) trauma• Pills for birth control

Signs Of Female Pattern Hair Loss

• There is a general thinning of the hair; however the thinning hair is a lot more noticeable at the back of the head where hair growth is no longer luxuriant or where the hair begins to grow back in little fine strands.• The scalp suffers a complete neutral thinning of the hair, although the thinning hair is very noticeable at the front the head, but does not affect the women’s front hairline.• The scalp suffers a complete thinning of the hair, although the thinning hair is very noticeable at the front of the head while it also affects the frontal hairline.

Female Hair Loss Treatment

There are several ways female hair loss can be dealt with and/or treated depending on the particular causative factors. These include:

• Wearing hair styles that are less stressful to the hair follicles• Using hair thickening products• Massaging the scalp to increase blood flow Personalised wigs• Hair extensions• Exercises• Plenty of rest• Losing weight gradually • Hair transplant — this should be your last resort.• Topical hair growth Medical treatments containing FDA approved hair loss ingredients

Now that you have an overview of the causes and treatments for female hair loss it’s time to seek the help of a qualified medical professional. Saving your hair is too important to rely on guesswork or over hyped claims. Dr Oscar Klein MD has helped thousands of hair growth clients since he opened his hair growth clinic in 1998.

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