Eyebrow Hair Restoration for People with Hair Growth Defect

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Eyebrow Hair Restoration for People with Hair Growth Defect

The eyebrow hair restoration has been developed to help people who have eyebrow disorders. Eyebrows are important since it protects the eyes from dirt and contaminants. Some people have developed a genetic disorder that leads to eyebrow deterioration and decline. This can be attributed to the lack or inactivation of genes that is involved in the proliferation of eyebrow strands. This can be treated through the use of proper medications that can induce the cells required for eyebrow production.

Hair disorder is not a superficial disease since it involves lack of proteins and enzymes that are needed to produce hair strands. In the case of eyebrow deterioration, a certain gene is lacking that is specifically assigned for the growth and proliferation of hair in eyebrows.

The eyebrow hair restoration can be achieved by inducing cell growth in the specific area. This can be done through gene therapy. This is one of the latest medical breakthroughs in the field of cosmetic surgery. This is very effective since eyebrow hair growth can be restored permanently. The procedure is fast and simple. The patient is injected with an mRNA substance or messenger ribonucleic acid. The mRNA specifically targets the hair cells in the eyebrow area. After several sessions, the number of hair cells in that area would have multiplied exponentially. This is ideal for aging patients who have experienced decline in eyebrow hair due to malnutrition or lack of protein intake. This serves as a long term treatment.

The eyebrow restoration treatment involves taking hair supplements and vitamins necessary for hair growth. Biotin and testosterone pills are the most commonly prescribed by doctors. This should be taken in a daily basis in order to reinforce the natural hair growth in the body.

The eyebrow hair restoration treatment has been used by patients who have experienced eyebrow hair loss. People who are not cleared to undergo surgical procedures should opt with the mRNA hair treatment since it is equally effective. The eyebrow would continue to grow and proliferate since the medication induces cell development and multiplication. This is ideal for aging people who have generalized hair growth problems. This is the best solution for long term hair growth.

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