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Why is the hair deemed the most important feature of our face? Well, it just improves our looks that is why some modifications are created to show ourselves well because people are now extra concerned about their appearances. For instance, Hair Extensions; but do we truly identify what this is?

Hair extensions are self boosters of our self esteem as it is the method of adding commercial hair to natural hair and the reality that it boosts your facades and self-esteem makes women desire to acquire it but first, you should know the types of extensions that are right for you, how you can take care of it and the pros and disadvantages of acquiring hair extensions.

TYPES OF HAIR EXTENSIONS:· FUSION or STRAND BY STRAND – This method is done in a vastly long process and will take time because it utilizes heated adhesive sticks or glue specially designed for hair extension which is attach about ¼ from your scalp strand by strand in small sectors and it has to be done on clean washed hair without conditioner so extensions will stick correctly.· CLIPPING – By clipping the hair extension to your own hair, this technique attests to be the least damaging and simple technique and it depends upon the volume of hair extension you require to determine the amount of clips that will be used.· WEAVING – Is a technique where extension hair is sewn on the tracks which are created on the head and near the scalp.· BONDING – Is a technique that uses bonding glue into the weft of the hair extension and wefts are horizontal hair strands attached over the upright flowing hair strands.

Here are several tips to take care of your hair extensions like your real hair:

1. Now, as your hair grows some of your hair extensions will need to be removed or replaced that is why you should plan regular visits to the salon to examine your extensions.2. Now, without moisturizer extensions become brittle leading to split ends without it so is important to clean, condition and bathe your hair thoroughly but moisturizing your hair extensions every wash will also help.3. Make sure to brush out all limps before bathing or sleeping and at all times start at the bottom until you reach the roots slowly.4. Keep your hair tidy and free of bacteria.5. Stop assassinating your hair with chemicals and treat it nicely.

Advantages of Hair Extensions:1. 2. It adds instant length and volume to their natural hair.3. It conceals bad hair cut.4. Provides instant new look for any occasion.5. It gives freedom to add highlights without applying any chemicals to your natural hair and still looks as if it is your own.6. For entertainment and personal purposes. Some people like to experiment and do things with their hair.

Disadvantages of Hair Extensions:1. It doesn’t come cheap – If you want a natural looking hair extension with good quality, you must prepare a sum of money for it, because you require an experienced stylist in attaching the extensions to your hair.2. They can damage your hair – Applying it using knots, weaves and thermal heating can damage your natural hair.3. May cause Headaches – Headaches may be felt.

That is why it is important to realize the worth to you before acquiring one of it in the market.

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That is why it is important to know the significance to you before acquiring one of the hair extensions in the market.

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