Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Article by Suzanne Greenfield

If you’re looking for a fast way of changing your hair style without cutting it, then hair extensions are for you! With extensions you can dramatically change your style in a matter of hours, adding length and volume to create the style that you’ve always wanted.

There are loads of different techniques and methods available nowadays so you can pick and choose what suits you best. The two main factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right extensions are the type of hair to use (either synthetic or real) and the method used to attach the extension hair.

The type of hair you go for usually determines how much you will pay for your hair extensions. Real human hair will cost more as it looks and feels more natural than the synthetic substitute. However, even if you choose the highest quality real hair, if the attachment method is wrong the results will look fake and disappointing. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right hair and attach it correctly.

It is important to know all the facts about the two main types available before making a decision. When it comes to synthetic hair the main disadvantage is the poor quality. Synthetic hair can often look unnatural with your own as it is much heavier than natural hair.

Real hair extensions are without doubt the more expensive choice but they also look the best. The hair not only looks natural but it behaves in the same way as your own hair so the extensions blend in perfectly. As long as the colour is matched correctly by your stylist, the extensions will be indistinguishable from your own thus giving your hair a naturally and fuller look.

Within the category of human hair there are many different types that vary in quality. It is best to choose the highest quality hair that your budget can stretch to. Remy hair is great because all the cuticle layers are facing in the same direction from root to end. The benefit of this is that they don’t tangle and blend in perfectly.

Many extension techniques involve using a glue or bond to attach the hair and whilst this is a durable method, you need to be aware of the chemical or substance being used as some can be quite harmful to the hair.

Clip in hair extensions are a great alternative to the more permanent methods. These can be easily clipped in and out whenever you want and there is no need for a trip to the salon as you can attach them yourself at home. Clip ins can be used whenever you want to try out a new style or for a special occasion, you just need to remember to take them out before going to sleep as they can cause your own hair to matt.

Micro ring extensions work by using a small metal tube that is clamped over the real hair to attach the extra hair. These rings are lightweight and the extensions are kept in place securely. As the rings are lightweight they don’t put any strain on your own hair and are removed easily.

Whatever hair extension method you go for, you are sure to love the results! You can get the hair you’ve always wanted without having to wait years for your hair to grow! Why not change up your style with hair extensions at Inanch London!

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