Does Body Hair Transplant Work and When Can You Use It?

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Does Body Hair Transplant Work and When Can You Use It?

Have you ever wondered where you could get hair donors if you have an extreme case of baldness? You might think hair transplant is impossible, but recent breakthroughs in the cosmetic surgery field gave doctors the idea of pushing through the procedure with the help of body hairs. Through body hair transplant is fairly new and most experts have not fully embraced it yet, there are some advantages to this treatment.


Since in most cases, body hair is often regarded as an unnecessary part of the body, using it as a follicle donor gives it a new purpose. Because of this revolutionary method, it is now possible to perform transplants to people with low hair supplies. On top of that, there is also less chance of scarring since the doctors don’t have to make large wounds to extract the donor hair from your scalp. People who have tried this method were satisfied with the results especially if the surgery was done by a competent surgeon who can roughly match hair characteristics to potential donor sites.


What kind of body hairs can be used for body hair transplant?


Any type of hair is often possible but the most common sources are the chest areas, back, legs, arms and beard. Though it is also possible to use the hair in your armpits and pubic areas, some cosmetic surgeons would rather stay away from these options. Some experts believe that they can be poor donors since they are situated in wet areas.


You already know that body hair can work as a transplant donor, but what are the disadvantages of using this method?


The lack of consistency is one of the known problems of this procedure. Though you might think that hair is the same anywhere, you might notice the difference in their texture, as well as in their growth pattern. It’s harder to pull off as something natural since they can look a little thicker than your average scalp hair. Despite this argument, many surgeons have noted that it can still be used as a filler hair.


Another issue against body hair transplant is the fact that it is a fairly new field and there is a small amount of research data available. This isn’t a big deal for some individuals because other effective transplant methods used to be new too. As more people use this method, more studies would also be done.

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