Crowning Glory: Hair Extensions & Wigs

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Crowning Glory: Hair Extensions & Wigs

Article by Vikram kuamr

Are tired of trying to grow out you hair? That awkward stage in the middle when your bangs are in your eyes can be a real deal breaker. The awkward look is certainly something you can do without. There may be an answer in hair extensions or possibly even a couple of wigs. You can go long, short and long again in no time. As humans we tend to thrive on immediacy and extensions provide longer hair immediately. The beauty industry has drastically improved the way these extensions are done, and no one can tell that extensions have been added. You can choose synthetic or human hair for your wigs or extensions.The ancient art of adding hair extensions has been practiced for many years. The process can be used on your own hair, hairpieces, wigs, and weaves with tremendous success. Most of the methods that are being used today were actually adapted from the many African American stylists.

If you are an actress enthusiast, you have likely seen hair extensions on many actresses and didn’t even know it, surely there have been times when you see a star on television in a movie with short hair, only to be interviewing about the movie soon after with waist length locks. This was a service that, at one time, was only done by and for wealthy people. These hair extensions are much more affordable and practical for every consumer. Putting in hair extensions will immediately add length to your hair, but they also add can be used to add body and bulk to your hair.

With hair extensions and wigs come both advantages and disadvantages. There are many methods used in practice today and there can also be a major price difference between different methods. Naturally, more time equals more money. The quality of the hair used in your extensions is certainly a factor in pricing. The higher quality of hair is expensive. Both natural and synthetic hair for use in extensions is available in different qualities and lengths and that too can have bearing on the price.

Now for the biggest question of them all, how are they attached? There are many ways to attach hair extensions, so many that it may depend on where you go to get it done or which stylist does them. The type and style of the hair used is normally one of the determining factors in how it will be attached. Synthetic and human hair can be attached in two different ways. A strand, or about thirty pieces to a strand can be attached at a time or the extensions can be attached in wefts. A weft is a section of hair that is attached at the top. A weft is usually sewn or bonded into your existing hair. There are many other adhesives used in hair extensions such as fusion, bonding, clamps, string and more.

Since any hair type can support extensions it is good to know that you can be extremely creative in your selection process. Your new hair can be sleek and straight, or you can choose bouncy ringlets. You can choose to have highlights or low lights added to your extensions or to your wigs for a more natural look.

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