Costume Wigs Help You Achieve a Unique Look

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Costume Wigs Help You Achieve a Unique Look

Article by Kaila West

Whether you are designing a costume for Halloween, a theme party, or other special event, costume wigs can help you create the look you want. With a variety of styles and colors suitable for any costume idea, costume wigs are an easy way to add an extra degree of authenticity to any costume. From designing your own unique look to achieving a historically accurate style, costume wigs can add the extra degree of believability to any costume.

Step back in time to any decade with costume wigs in popular hair styles from the past. A sleek flapper style or pin curl combined with a fringed dress, long strand of pearls, feather boa, and cigarette holder creates a flawless ’20s look. For a ’50s look, pair a Peggy Sue style with a poodle skirt, or a Marilyn Monroe wig with a white halter dress. Choose from countless flip and bouffant styles to create your own look. Retro looks for men include Elvis costume wigs and Grease-inspired pompadour styles. ’60s costume wigs include long hippie wigs, which go perfect with bell bottoms, headbands, and tie-dyed T-shirts. For a more sophisticated look, choose a go-go dancer wig. Men can easily transform their look with shaggy styles and Rastafarian wigs. For a ’70s look, choose a voluminous afro wig or a feathered disco wig. ’80s wigs come in a variety of styles, from spiky multi-colored wigs, mullets and bi-level hairdos to unisex “hair band” wigs.

Take popular costumes a step further with authentic costume wigs. Pirate wigs often come complete with head scarves, beads, and braids. Long Native American wigs can be braided or straight. Messy caveman wigs can create an unkempt look without damaging your real hair. Choose a rainbow-colored curly wig for the perfect finishing touch to a clown costume.

Use costume wigs to achieve a genuine look for historical costumes. Cleopatra wigs provide the perfect elegance and sophistication for the ancient Egyptian ruler. For a more daring look, choose a long Lady Godiva wig. Create an accurate historical look with Renaissance and colonial costume wigs for both men and women. For other historical figures, choose an intricate Marie Antoinette updo or a bushy Einstein style. Costume wigs can also allow you to explore other cultures. Create an elegant and exotic costume with a Geisha wig, or become a Spanish dancer with a curly flamenco-style updo. Men can choose Japanese-warrior styles, or even Sumo wrestler wigs for those desiring plus size costumes.

Costume wigs allow both children and adults to dress up as their favorite TV and movie characters. Transform into classic characters with a braided Dorothy wig, a curly red “I Love Lucy” wig, or a Grease-inspired blonde ponytail. Wigs for children’s costumes allow them to easily dress up as some of their favorite current TV characters, movie stars, and pop stars. Choose costume wigs for characters from “High School Musical” or a blonde Hannah-Montana-style wig, which is sure to please any young girl. Other favorite characters that can be achieved with costume wigs include Superman, Rocky, the Joker, Dora the Explorer, or Barbie. Young girls can dress up as their favorite Disney princess with wigs designed for Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, and more.

For classic Halloween costumes, costume wigs can help you transform into a scary witch or a sinister ghoul. Choose a long black vampire wig or a spiky spiderella wig for the perfect creepy costume.

From punk rocker to flower child, costume wigs can help you add your own unique flair to any costume. Dressing up in costume allows you to adopt a completely new personality, so don’t be afraid to try something new. Become a movie starlet or a she-devil, a supermodel or a seductress. With costume wigs, the possibilities are nearly endless.

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