Cost of Hair Transplants: How Much Would it Cost You?

14 May; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Cost of Hair Transplants: How Much Would it Cost You?

It is not easy to deal with hair loss. Thinning hair causes stress to people because this reminds them even more how they are aging. Because of this some people choose to deal with hair loss differently. There are many ways for this condition to be resolved or at least be covered for a longer period of time. One of the most popular ways to do this is to undergo hair transplant surgery. Anyone is eligible for this as long as there are parts of the scalp that is healthy enough to be a donor area. The cost of hair transplants varies because there is more than one surgical method to be chosen.

You can either have Strip Harvesting or Follicular Unit Extraction. The first one is the cheaper method but it comes with surgical stitches and scars since the actual scalp tissue is removed in the process. With Follicular Unit Extraction or simply FUE, the scalp tissues are not touched. Only the hair follicles are removed per unit so there will be no visible scars. FUE also has a shorter recovery period. In just a week, you are able to have a fully recovered scalp while undergoing Strip harvesting takes double that time.

The only probable drawback from undergoing FUE is the price. Because it is a more complex hair transplant surgical process, it would naturally cost more. In fact, some surgeons even ask double the price of Strip Harvesting for the price of FUE. You can only have a lower cost of hair transplants for this method if you find a discount deals. In places where the need for hair transplant clinics is great, you may find deals that are a lot better than in other areas.

In those places, you will also find better surgeons. The reputation of the surgeon you would choose also matters since it is your hair he will handle. You would not have to worry about your hair getting shaved off or you having more surgical wounds on your scalp. Plus, you would be assured that what you paid for the cost of hair transplants will all be worth it.

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