Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery: What’s the Real Deal?

29 May; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery: What’s the Real Deal?

Just like any other surgery, the cost of hair transplant surgery is also expectedly high. A normal surgical procedure falls between ,000 and ,000. The pricing specified by surgeons is per graft depending on the type of procedure you choose and how extensive the procedure is going to be.

There are two most common types of hair transplant surgery and one costs double the price of the other. Strip Harvesting was developed first but it is now less preferred by patients. Doing this procedure on you would require scalp tissues to be removed. That means surgical stitches, scars and a longer recovery period. It may be cheaper but you would have to bear with the side effects for a longer time. Plus, the scars would not necessarily be covered if you have short hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE may cost double of the price of Strip Harvesting but this is preferable because it does not leave scars. The scalp tissues would not be touched and just the hair follicles will be transferred. Hair follicles from the donor area or the part of the scalp with the healthiest hair will be planted on the part of the scalp with thinning hair. Since this is a more meticulous process, more manpower is required; therefore, the cost of hair transplant surgery is a lot higher. The procedure also takes longer time but simply because of the absence of scars, people still prefer this now over Strip harvesting.

In choosing a surgeon or a clinic where you are going to have your surgery done, you also have to consider the skills or at least the reputation of your surgeon. You should not just choose any random surgeon to do your hair transplant because safety should be your top priority. There are a lot of websites that will help you choose the perfect surgeon for you. Also, opinion from friends or acquaintances who have undergone the same procedure will benefit you greatly in knowing the real cost of hair transplant surgery. That way, you would have a clear idea on which deals you should choose for your hair.


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