Cost of Hair Extensions – Do You Know the Cost of Hair Extensions?

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Cost of Hair Extensions – Do You Know the Cost of Hair Extensions?

Article by Lisa Oakley

Do You Know the Cost of Hair Extensions? For the women who desire Hair With Extensions and wish to have longer locs, your waiting has come to an end for there is a solution to your wish. Nowadays, you can have long, wavy hair in an instant through having Hair With Extensions. There are several ways of achieving this look and there are usually different prices involved depending on the length and type of application you will use. I have listed below the average cost.

If you plan to have Hair With Extensions for your whole head of hair to give volume or added length, then the average cost range could be from 0 – 00. In some cases, costs can fall between 00 – 00, including the price of the hair. However, in some cases, it is cheaper to purchase your own hair versus buying it from a salon! Below are the various procedures used to have Hair With Extensions.

HOT FUSION BONDINGOne of the most common types of hair extensions is the hot fusion bonding. Apart from being the most common way to get hair extensions, these are the most reasonable when it comes to expenditure and time. Starting at around 0, getting extensions through this method may go up to 0, or even more. As the name suggests, in this method a hot glue is used to attach the extensions to your hair.

CLIP IN REAL HAIR EXTENSIONSIf you choose to do only sections of your hair, and not your entire head, then this is an appropriate choice. Using this method, they are clipped onto the person’s scalp, where the extensions have small metallic cylinders at each one’s base. This holds the extensions in place, adding volume to one’s hair. These are a temporary solution if you want to get appreciative glances and appreciating comments from someone special for your long locks! These are the most inexpensive when it comes to getting extensions for your hair. In hair replacement centers, you get a packet of clip on kit in the range of and 0.

COLD FUSIONAverage cost of hair extensions when it comes to cold fusion hair extensions or bonding is between 00 and 00 or more. This is by far the most costly option for getting hair extensions. In this method, a keratin based polymer helps secure the extensions to your hair. The returns of paying this hair extensions cost is worth it, as it lasts really long and is overall less harmful for your hair.

WEAVINGWeaving is a method in which the extensions are woven or braided in your hair. You have a couple of choices in this. You can either have hair woven in parts where you want more of them or have the extensions all over your original hair. It can give you a really dramatic appearance. Time intensive, this will cost in the range of around 00

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