Cost Hair Transplantation: What are Your Options?

14 May; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Cost Hair Transplantation: What are Your Options?

Hair loss is not easy to deal with. People suffering from this condition go through a lot because of the unattractive appearance thinning hair gives them. This is truly embarrassing for a lot of people but not a lot could afford expensive medical fees just to make their condition disappear. Because of this, they just let their hair be and let it fall naturally. In the advent of modern technology though, a lot of hair transplant procedures have improved. Also now, the cost hair transplantation has been significantly reduced.

When before, only the really rich people could afford to have their hair treated, now, there are also cheaper rates for people who do not have that much money. If you would look at it, the procedure is still expensive but the rates will be a lot cheaper in comparison to the previous ones.

If you are a hair loss sufferer yourself, you can try looking for a clinic in an area where there are a lot of clinics specializing in this field. That way, the fees and other charges would not be as high. The reason why the cost hair transplantation reaches around 00 to 000 is because of the manpower required for the procedure to be executed. About five to seven people work on a single patient including the surgeon and the assistants.

Another factor contributing to the computation of the fees is the surgeon’s expertise. You can expect that if the surgeon is not that qualified, the fees will be cheaper. However, if you entrust your hair to a surgeon who has not received the highest education and formal training, the process could be subject to having more side effects. You have to keep in mind that your safety and the effectiveness of the procedure should still be your top concerns.

There are two types of hair transplantation: Strip Harvesting and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The first one has been around longer but FUE is preferred by more because it does not cause scars on the scalp and promises a shorter recovery period. The cost hair transplantation for this type of procedure is higher but the chances for normal hair growth on the bad scalp are better than the cheaper method.

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