Cost for Hair Transplant – How Much it Would Cost You to Solve Your Hair Loss Problems

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Cost for Hair Transplant – How Much it Would Cost You to Solve Your Hair Loss Problems

A lot of people suffer from hair loss. It is inevitable for most since this is commonly part of the natural aging process. Because of this, a huge number of people just let their hair fall off naturally. However, this is obviously not okay for a larger population of hair loss sufferers. Also one of the reasons for the low popularity of ways of resolving hair loss is the cost for hair transplant. The usual cost for this type of procedure is around ,000 to ,000 and that is considered expensive by most.

The cost for this procedure varies greatly because of a lot of factors. One of these factors is the actual type of procedure for hair transplantation. There are two common types for this. One is Strip Harvesting and the other is the more modern Follicular Unit Extraction. Strip Harvesting started earlier on and involves removal of a small piece of the actual scalp and it’s transplantation on the part of the head with thinning hair. This procedure takes a shorter time but a much longer recovery period than the second one.

The second type of procedure, Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE, requires more effort but with this method, there will be no visible scars on the scalp and the recovery period will be a lot shorter. The reason for this is instead of removing a piece of the actual scalp, only the hair follicles are removed and transplanted. The process takes a longer time but once it is done, the patient would not have to suffer from scars on the scalp. Plus, based on the previous results, this is more effective than normal Strip Harvesting. The only drawback with this method is the higher cost for hair transplant.

Because FUE is more modern than Strip Harvesting, it is naturally more expensive. You can find clinics offering considerably lower fees than others but it would take a lot of research. You would have to know how to compare prices in order for you to get the best possible cost for hair transplant for the procedure of your choice.


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